Mission, Vision and Beliefs

  • Sego's Mission, Vision and Beliefs

    Mission and Vision 


    The mission of Sego Middle School is to provide a safe learning environment that will allow all students the opportunity to succeed academically, socially, and to become productive citizens.


    Statement of Beliefs


    • We believe all students are capable of learning and succeeding.
    • We believe each student should be given a chance to reach his/her maximum potential.
    • We believe promoting character education is an essential tool in promoting student success.
    • We believe students, faculty, and staff should set related goals.
    • We believe student achievement is progressive.
    • We believe student success requires the commitment and support of teachers, staff, parents, administrators, and community leaders.
    • We believe cultural diversity is necessary to ensure student achievement.
    • We believe ongoing professional learning communities provide teachers with innovative tools for teaching effectively.
    • We believe a variety of teaching strategies should be used since not all students learn the same way.
    • We believe children are our greatest resource.
    • We believe all children have the right to learn in a safe, nurturing, risk-free environment.