• Motto: We Are Striving to Grow Extraordinary Students Every Day!


    Mission: The mission of Wilkinson Gardens Elementary School is to give students the tools they need to be active, lifelong learners and contributing citizens in their community and the world.


    Vision: Learners Today and Leaders Tomorrow!

    We believe. . .

          • Through the shared responsibility of our teachers, parents, students, and community, our students will be able to

             successfully compete academically and socially in a global society.

          • Our students will be proficient in the use of computers to include the internet, e-mail, and word processors.

          • Our students will develop Language Arts skills including reading comprehension and writing that are necessary to be on

             or above grade level.

          • Our students will be proficient in critical thinking skills across the curriculum to include problem solving, decision making,

             and predicting outcomes.

          • Our students will demonstrate an awareness and knowledge of Civics, Economics, History, and Geography.

          • Our students will demonstrate knowledge of scientific process skills through experience and participate in hands-on

             scientific learning that encompasses life, space, earth, physical, and natural science.

          • Our students will demonstrate appropriate behavior in a wide variety of school and social situations.

          • Our students will make responsible personal choices which demonstrate good citizenship, self-discipline, good manners,

             and respect for others.

          • Our students will demonstrate a basic knowledge of Fine Arts to include music, theater, and visual arts. Our students will

             display good sportsmanship while gaining knowledge of a variety of competitive and individual sports.

          • Our students, when engaged in everyday conversation, will be able to communicate effectively