AUGUST 28, 2020. 


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  • Return to Voluntary Conditioning Acknowoledgement Form

    Hello All, 

    In anticipation of the beginning of our workouts on Monday, we are asking each athlete and parent to read, and sign, the Acknowoledgement form. This will allow your athlete to participate in these workouts. A copy of the document has been included below and in the contents section. We will also have copies ready when they come to workouts as well. 




    Rashad Dunn


    Voluntary Conditioning Form

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  • Changes to Summer......Again.

    Hello All! 

    I want to apologize in advance. This is a very "fluid" situation that we are in as a district and as a program. I have taken the liberty to amend the summer "Return to Play" Guidance that was issued previously; I wanted to make it as crystal clear as possible. I realized that there was a little bit of ambiguity in the previous document, and I worked to fix that. I am including a copy of the updated Return to Play Guidelines ; Again, these will be in effect when we start workouts June 8th. 


    Thank you for your patience, 


    Rashad Dunn

    Head Football Coach



    COVID 19 Workout Guidelines (Laney High School)

    • All workouts are VOLUNTARY
    • All Workouts will be conducted with strict adherence to NFHS, GHSA, and Richmond County Return to Play Guidance
    • Due to COVID Guidance, Conditions for workouts have been changed. The team will lift in 4 groups:
      • 8-9:30, 10-11:30, 3-4:30, 5-6:30
      • Times are built this way to allow time for disinfection and set up for next group. This will also ensure that there is plenty of time between pickup and drop off to keep crowds from gathering.
      • 4 Separate Groups; Groups will be NO MORE than 15 athletes in a group per Guidelines and to accommodate for coaches.
      • Returning Skill Players- Group A
      • Returning Skill/Line Players - Group B
      • Freshmen/New Attendees- Groups C and D
      • This arrangement allows us to work with each group on an individualized and efficient level.
      • Group times will switch each week; personnel will not change.
      • Group Lift times will be indicated on Calendar on school Website and other media.
    • All Athletes should be dressed when they come to workouts; No one will be allowed in the fieldhouse outside of the weight room.
    • All Athletes will be dropped off in the cul-de-sac that is next to the practice field, where they will enter through the gate and proceed to the testing station that will be in front of the field house. The will then put down any items they are carrying in the hallway and proceed into the weight room to await the workout to start.
    • All personnel will exit through the rear doors of the field house, where they will be picked up by their transportation in the cul-de-sac.
    • All entry and exit points will be highlighted with signs.
    • All Coaches for each section will arrive at LEAST 10 minutes early to be tested and recorded.
    • Sanitation materials will be readily available to all athletes at any time during workout.
    • GHSA Workout Questionnaires need to be posted in areas in the weight room and outside.
    • Reminders to wash hands and sterilize spaces will to be posted in weight room
    • Athletes will use every other rack; the ones not in use shall have a sign indicating they are not to be used.
    • Athletes are to provide their own mask
    • Athletes are to use mask whenever in the weight room and they are spotting.
    • Daily Agenda of Phase 1 Workouts:
      • Coaches arrive at least 10 minutes prior to session to be checked and set up
      • 2 Coaches will check and record athletes as they arrive to facility. They WILL NOT participate until they have checked in and been recorded.
      • All athletes will need to bring their own Hydration bottles. They will NOT be allowed to share bottles; this will be strictly monitored and enforced.
      • Athletes will place all bags in hallway outside of Weight Room; cellular devices will be given to Coach Dunn and locked in office. NO CELLULAR DEVICES will be used in the Weight Room to mitigate passing of contagions.
      • Warm Up (Supervised by all coaches)
      • Lift(Supervised); Coaches to set up for conditioning/Install(TBA)
      • Conditioning (Supervised; any sign of sickness athletes will be stopped IMMEDIATELY)
      • Cool Down and Sanitation duties carried out for next group.
    • All testing materials need to be returned to Coach Dunn at the end of each session. The materials will include:
      • Testing/Recording Notebook (Will be in office)
      • Thermometers
      • Sanitation Materials
    • All Trash must be taken out IMMEDIATELY After each workout session.
    • No Spectators are allowed during workouts; they must be immediately removed.




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  • Summer Schedule Changes

    Greetings All, 

    Due to the guidance we have been given by the NFHS in accordance to dealing with our situation, some changes have been made to the workout schedule. Starting June 8th, the team will workout according to the group they are in. The groups are as follows:

    Group A- Linemen, Linebackers, TE's

    Broup B- Skill Players

    The first group will begin at 8A.M., with the second group starting at 10. The group times will switch each week.

    Each player and coach will be checked and recorded prior to each workout; if their temperature is over 100 degrees, they will be immediately sent home, and excused from the workout, without penalty. 

    We will be practicing social distancing throughout the workout; details on exact procedure of out workouts will be posted soon. 

    We will also have sanatation materials in abundance ready for them throughout the workout.

    All freshmen will be starting on June 8th as well. 

    If you have any questions, please email Coach Dunn, or direct your question to the twitter page!

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  • State of Play

    Hello All!

    The coaching staff has been working dilligently to make sure that we will be ready to hit the ground running June 8th! They have put their thoughts together in order to bring you a "State of Play," in which they detail the state of the program moving forward this summer, along with several changes and important dates you need to remember/ sign up for! All documents referenced in the document can be viewed in the contents section, along with an updated Summer Schedule! Be sure to check it out!

    State of Play

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  • Team Shop is open!

    If you are planning to play football in the Fall, the Team Shop is officially open for the next few weeks! You will need to purchase the following items:

    -T Shirt


    -Short Sleeve Dri Fit

    -Team Polo


    Anything else that you want to purchase is up to you. We will be wearing red cleats and gloves for this year, so please purchase accordingly! Follow the link below to make your order! This shop is only open until the end of the month, so make your purchase today!

    Team Shop-Football

    Team Shop Flyer

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  • Welcome to the Wildcat Football Page!

    Newly renovated, this page is dedicated to keeping you up to date on all things dealing with Wildcat Football! In order to continue the tradition of excellence that has been set by those before us, we will be providing you accurate and up to date information about Wildcat Football. Check back regularly for new information as it is being posted!

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  • 2020 Banner Fundraiser

    Programs need not just verbal support; they also need monetary support in order for the coaches to get the young men the equipment that they deserve in order to be successful. The equipment one uses in Football today is just as important as the player themselves in the game we play today. Wildcat Football is offering you the chance to show your support and help the program by purchasing a fully customizable banner that we make in house! 

    Be a business owner or a family proud of your son/daughter, you can customize the banner however you want for one set price! It will be displayed for all to see during the season. You can purchase a fence, sideline, or scoreboard banner. 

    Look at the materials section to print a order form and to get more information. 

    You can also email Coach Dunn at dunnra@boe.richmond.k12.ga.us

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