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    Marco’s Cinco de Mayo Dewey 398 AR 2.8

    Marco describes how his family celebrates Cinco de Mayo, explaining what Cinco de Mayo is and why it is important.


    Cinco de Mayo: Day of Mexican Pride Dewey 394 AR 3.8

    Presents an introduction to Cinco de Mayo, in simple text with illustrations, explaining what it is, its history, and how it is celebrated in Mexico and the United States.


    Celerbrating Cinco de Mayo Dewey 394 AR 4.3

    "Read about how Mexico gained its freedom, the battle of Puebla, and how these events are remembered and celebrated"


    Cinco de Mayo Dewey 394 AR 4.5

    Discusses the holiday Cinco de Mayo, celebrated by Mexicans and Mexican Americans in remembrance of the Mexican army's defeat of the French army in Pueblo, Mexico, in 1862, and includes recipe and craft ideas.


    Cinco de Mayo Dewey 394 AR 2

    Simple text and photographs explain the history of Cinco de Mayo, the commemoration of the victory of the Mexican army over the French army on May 5, 1862, and how it is celebrated.


    Mexican Independance Day and Cinco de Mayo Dewey 972 AR 4.2

    Provides background on the people and events that are commemorated on two important Mexican holidays, Independence Day and Cinco de Mayo, and describes how these holidays are celebrated.


    Cinco de Mouse-o! DEWEy E COX AR 3.5

    Mouse enjoys the sights and smells of Cinco de Mayo despite being trailed by a determined cat.


    From Myon

    Max Celebrates Cinco de Mayo Dewey E WOR


    Max is invited to a fiesta at Jose’s house. They are celebrating Cinco de Mayo. Food, music, dancing, and a parade are all part of the celebration.

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    Cinco de Mayo


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    Social Studies for Kids



    Livescience: What is Cinco de Mayo: History and Fun Facts