• Pamela Slade


    McBean Elementary School

    1165 Hephzibah-Mcbean Road

    Hephzibah, GA 30815

    Phone: (706)592-3723 

    E-Mail:  sladepa@richmond.k12.ga.us



  • The following items with the name and address of the enrolling parent/guardian are considered acceptable proof of residency.


    Proof of Residency [Provide a current utility bill and one item from the list below]:

      • Current Lease/rental agreement
      • Current home purchase agreement
      • Most recent income tax return
      • Current paycheck stub
      • Current Medicaid card
      • Current residential property tax statement or bill
      • Current warranty or quick claim deed
      • Current homeowner’s insurance policy 
      • Driver's license


    Other Residency Conditions: 

    If the student's family is residing in the home or apartment of another individual, not due to economic reasons and/or undue hardships*, the person with whom the family is living and whose name matches the proof of residence must present these documents for enrollment:

    • Notarized third-person affidavit of residency
    • Photo ID of person with whom the family is residing
    • Proof of Residency matching the name and address of person with whom the family is residing
    • Inclusion of person with whom the family is residing as a contact on the registration form


    *If the student's family is currently in transition and dealing with economic difficulties or other hardships, please contact the Homeless Liaison for additional assistance with registration documents @ 706-826-1129.