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    Jaeggi, C. (1995). I know about maps. Skokie, ILL: Rand McNally.

    Call Tag: 912 JAE

    Lexile ~ 400

    “Discusses various types of maps and their uses, with explanations of such map-related terms as symbol, direction, and legend.”


    Maurer, T. N. (n. d. ). Using road maps and GPS. New YOrk: Lerner.

    Call Tag: 910 MAU

    Lexile 820

    “Ever wonder what route would get you from coast to coast the fastest? Or where to find camping spots on a road trip? Road maps and GPS give details about routes and sites. But how do you use them?”


    Royston, A. (1999). Maps and symbols. Austin, TX: Steck-Vaughn.

    Call Tag: 912 ROY

    Lexile ~780

    “An introduction to maps, what they represent, how they are constructed, and how to read them.”


    Sweeney, J. (1996). Me on the map. New York: Crown.

    Call Tag: 912 SW

    Lexile 280

    “A child describes how her room, her house, her town, her state, and her country become part of a map of her world.”


    Wade, M. D. (2003). Map scales. New York: Children’s Press.

    Call Tag: 912 WAD

    Lexile 460

    “Explains what a map scale is, and shows how to use them to measure distances between places on the map.”

    myOn Resources

    Besel, J. M. (2014). Types of maps. New York: Capstone Press.

    Time: 3 minutes

    Lexile 590

    “The best tool for finding people and places is a map. Learn which type of map can give you the details you're looking for.”


    Besel, J. M. (2014). What is a  map? New York: Capstone Press.

    Time 3 minutes

    Lexile 500

    “The best tool to get you where you're going is a map. Learn how maps can help you find your way.”


    Besel, J. M. (2014). Symbols and keys New York: Capstone Press.

    Time 4 minutes

    Lexile 590

    “Grab a map, and unlock the secret to those tiny pictures. Learn how to find where to go using symbols and keys.”


    Besel, J. M. (2014). Map scales. New York: Capstone Press.

    Time: 3 minutes

    Lexile NC 660

    “Grab a map, and figure out how far from here to there. Learn how to use map scales to find distances.”


    Besel, J. M. (2014). Compass roses and directions. New York: Capstone Press.

    Time: 3 minutes

    Lexile NC 620

    “Grab a map, and point yourself in the right direction! Learn how to get from here to there using a map and compass.”


    Gonzales, D. (2008). Up North and down South: Using map directions. New York: Capstone Press.

    Time 3 minutes

    Lexile 560L

    “Left. Right. East. West. Which way should you go? With a map, a compass, and the skills to use them, you'll never get lost again!”


    Speed Shaskan, T. (2007). The treasure map. New York: Picture Window Books.

    Time 2 minutes

    Lexile 520L

    “It's a pirate's map, and X marks the spot! What kind of hidden treasures will George find along the way?”


    GALILEO Resource

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    Also, this site allows the articles to be read to the students.


    Map and globe. (2017). In Encyclopædia Britannica. Retrieved from   



    Article 1 Lexile 890

    Article 2 Lexile 1200

    Includes many images.


    Internet Sites


    Map Skills For Elementary Students. (2017). From the National Geographic Society.


    Excellent site that divides information in Pre K-1, 2-4, 5-6+


    Map Games. (2017). From the National Geographic Society.



    Map Skills at pppst. (2017). From http://geography.pppst.com/mapskills.html

    Contains many different PowerPoint presentations that can be downloaded and used as is or adapted to your needs.