Motto, Mission, and Vision

  • Achieving Today...Leading Tomorrow!

    Mission Statement:
    The mission of Windsor Spring Elementary is to nurture lifelong learners, equipped with the academic tools to succeed at the next level of education, in a safe learning environment.
    Windsor Spring Elementary School will be the site where academic achievement, social responsibility, technological advancement and parent/community involvement will be clearly visible and effective. The building inside and out will be very clean, well kept, decorative and child friendly. Parent involvement will increase to the level that each class has a room mother, volunteers, and mentors, thereby building a sense of ownership. The school will be a peaceful environment with conflict resolution, personal responsibility and solving plans being the first and automatic response to difficult situations.
    Student's mean scores on norm-reference tests will be above the 80th percentile on a national scale in all academic areas, on all on-grade-level testing and all off-grade level testing. The school will meet AYP (Adequate Yearly Progress) because CRCT scores will increase significantly each year, test participation will remain at 99% and less than 15% of all students and subgroups will have less than 15 days absences from school.
    A wireless mobile computer lab and an increased number of computers will be made available to all classes to be integrated into the classroom learning. Teachers will utilize the email system to communicate readily with interested parents. Teachers will be knowledgeable about current finding in instructional methodology as well as brain research, human development, moral development and physical/emotional health as they relate to the educational experience.