In The Middle of Middle School


    Hey 6th graders you are moving to the middle of Middle school,

    So don’t panic, don’t fret being a 7th grader is cool.


    You’re no longer the youngest or at the beginning again,

    No you’re in the middle of Middle school, you’re almost to the end.


    So enjoy your time, you’re Middle school’s middle child,

    Have fun, make friends, and try not to go wild.


    And know that I’ll see you, and I’ll be watching what you do,

    And I’ll still expect my 6th graders, to be the best 7th graders too.


    And as your 6th grade teacher, you know that I'll always love you,

    But when you’re a 7th grader,  I’ll finally like you too.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                            By: Ms. Ophila Mercer


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