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    The Pink to Pearl Mentoring Club is a program developed for young ladies who are currently attending Meadowbrook Elementary School in 1st-5th grades. The contact persons are Mrs. Singfield and Mrs. Griffin. The main focus of this group will be:

    ·        Building strong character and self-esteem; and

    ·        Encouraging greater academic achievement and community service.



    To provide guidance and exposure to young ladies to enable them to become better citizens in their communities. To promote a sense of inner respect for themselves and for others while learning how to become more self-sufficient in life.


    Our Goals:

    Our overall goals is to assist in producing well-rounded young ladies who have a sense of direction and focus on academics once they leave elementary school to make the transition to middle school. We will also engage young ladies in activities that will enhance their self-image by teaching goal setting, communication skills, etiquette, and leadership skills. Additionally, we will provide exposure to different career fields and information on attending colleges.


    Our Purpose:

    ·        Encourage self-esteem and confidence

    ·        Promote academic achievement

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    Pink to Pearl Advisors:   

    Ms. M. Roland. 
    Ms. S. O'Neal      
    Ms. T. Munns       

    Contact Number  706-796-4915