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    Hello, Stallions! My name is Coach Powell. I am the PE Teacher for Meadowbrook Elementary School. I look forward to working with you this year!

  • Hello, Stallions, we will have to be out of school for a little while. While we are taking a break from school, PE classes will not be able to meet. I do have some tips and ideas that parents can administer to their children, to help keep them healthy and active.


    * Take frequent breaks throughout your child's online lessons in order to keep your brain and eyes fresh. Stretching, walking around, etc.

    * Try to stick to a routine for everyday. Have a time of day that is good for physical activity, when a parent, guardian or older sibling will be home to watch them. 

    * Get plenty of fresh air and natural light everyday.

    *  Try to eat healthy during this time. Drink plenty of water, prepare lots of healthy snacks between meals, try to stay away from junk food and carbonated drinks, and make sure to unplug for a good amount of time after your lessons! Your eyes will thank you!

    *Exercise Daily, follow guidlines to help keep your children safe from infections. 

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  • Christopher Powell
    Position: Teacher
    Subject: Physical Education
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