*I will raise my hand before I speak.                  *I will strive to make good choices every day.                        

    *I will raise my hand to leave my seat.              *I will use kind words and actions.

    *I will use my walking feet.                                  *I will respect the property of others. 



    Students will be given a folder to take home Monday – Thursday.  Students should bring their folders back to school each day.  Parents should look inside of student folders each day for the behavior chart, homework, and important school news.  The behavior chart should remain inside of folders, and parents should initial in the corresponding box each day to indicate that they are aware of student behavior. 



    I will be utilizing Class DoJo as a way for parents to monitor student behavior and to communicate any academic inquires with me when necessary.  I will use Class DoJo often to message parents. This will allow parents to stay up-to-date with school related news.  All parents will need to sign up for Class DoJo.  I will check student folders daily.  If you have anything that needs my attention (notes, doctor excuses, etc.), place it inside of your child’s folder.  Otherwise, I may not see it. 



    Parents should expect homework to be assigned daily.  If for some reason homework hasn’t been assigned, it will be communicated to parents through Class DoJo.   Parents should expect a WEEKLY homework sheet to go home every Monday.  I will check for completed homework assignments EACH DAY and assign students DoJo points accordingly.  In order for students to receive homework points, ALL assigned homework for that day will have to be completed.  Reading is a big part of First Grade.  Parents should expect for students to be assigned daily reading passages as a part of student homeworkTo ensure student success, parents should make sure that students are reading daily and practicing high frequency wordsParents should sign the daily reading log after students have read In math, a huge portion of First Grade will be spent on addition and subtraction.  Parents should make sure that students are working to master fluency of addition and subtraction math facts. 



    Students will be tested in all subject areas.  Parents should expect weekly spelling test.  Parents are encouraged to read the class newsletter to keep up with what students should be learning.  All students will have an I-Ready assessment given at the beginning, middle, and end of the year.  When possible, parents can make sure that students are completing I-Ready lessons at home in addition to students working at school. Students should be working to reach their online time goal of 45 minutes for Reading AND for Math each week.  Students should also be working to pass as many of their I-Ready lessons as possible. 



    Signed papers will be sent home for parents to monitor student academic progress. 



    Parents should make sure that students attend school unless it is necessary for them to be out.  Parents should make sure to communicate with me (this could be done via Class DoJo) when students are out and turn in doctor’s notes and/or excuses.