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     What is Word Study 


    Word Study: Benchmark Universe

    Unit 6Unusual Past Tense Words

    October 26-30

    Students will: 

    • Understand that not all past tense words have an -ed ending
    • Recognize present tense and their unusual past tense words
    • Recognize that sometimes vowels change from present tense to past tense
    • Spell the present tense and unusual past tense words
    • Recognize the rules for using past tense words
    • Use present and past tense words correctly in oral sentences
    • Sort words into present tense and past tense categories
    • Understand the meaning of present tense and past tense
    • Understand how vowels change from present tense to past tense words
    • Sort words into categories that show how the spelling of the present tense form changes in past tense words
    • Sort words into present and past tense
    • Complete the classroom activity
    • Recognize regular and irregular past tense words in a reading passage
    • Write and sort the past tense words from the passage
    • Correctly spell the spelling words
    • Correctly write the dictated sentence

    Word study List


    freeze       froze             grew           grow 

    hear         heard            see             saw

    sing          sang             sleep          slept

    tell            told              threw         throw



    The One and Only Ivan List 1 

    October 25 - November 6

    Note: Vocabulary assessments will be given on the every other week. 

    Vocabulary includes: definitions, reinforcement of meanings, synonyms and antonyms, in-context sentences completions, and word association exercises. 


    Throughout the week we will review the vocabulary words in class. At home students can study vocabulary by going to the study stack websites link. Study stacks: https://www.studystack.com/flashcard-3281492 


    domain - territory over whichrule or control is exercised 


    billow - a large sea wave


    unkempt - not neatly combed


    forage -collect or look around for, as food 


    ebony -a very dark black 


    rustle -make a dry crackling sound 


    threadbare- thin and tattered with age 


    lame- disabled in the feet or legs 


    bristly -having or covered with protective barbs or spines 


    wily -marked by skill in deception