• Welcome to Jamestown Elementary School, where we are "Armored In Excellence." 

         For the faculty and staff, it is truly a pleasure to serve those students who walk through our doors.  We at Jamestown Elementary think that our students are special and filled with potential.  It is our hope that this year will be a successful and productive year for your child.  Here at Jamestown, we strive for an environment that is safe, orderly and challenges our students academically.  We recognize the importance of character and our students being able to solve problems as a part of life-long lessons.

        Our focus is one of collaboration and teamwork.   One major component of academic success for your child is the partnership with us.  We encourage you to be active and involved on our school as a volunteer.   Feel free to sit in your child's classroom or help a student with reading.  Our volunteers are rewarded with the joy of knowing they have helped someone in our school community. 

         Throughout the year, many items will accompany your child home.  Please keep abreast of the various activities, protocols and procedures.  We continue to focus on daily attendance which has a great impact on your child's academic success. We look forward to seeing each of you at our events!

    Warm Regards,

    Vanetta Lawrence-Chapman