• Dear Parents,

    Your child by now has started to understand and use basic greetings, courtesy words, the colors, the numbers, vocabulary related to the classroom and other miscellaneous simple words, sentences and commands.

    Learning Target:  Opposite words

    We are currently learning the opposite words/ antonyms:


    “arriba/abajo, (up and down), abierto/cerrado (open and closed), izquierda/derecha, (left/right), grande/pequeño, (big/small),  frío/caliente, (cold/hot),  adentro/afuera (inside/outside).”


    Students  received  words on flashcards and assignments to take home for daily practices at home and ensure success for all.   They are allowed to color these flash cards and please secure them in a safe place such as a shoe box or keep them in the zip lock bag so that they will not lose them.  These activities would support the acquisition and development of the second language.

    Song: Canción de los opuestos - Canciones Infantiles - Toobys



    Song:  Canción de los saludos/Greetings