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    Steps to Become a Volunteer

    * Possess a legal & valid photo ID, and be 18 years of age.  All visitors are checked for proper identification.

    * Go through the Georgia Crime Information Center (GCIC) = background check.

    * Complete volunteer training with your schools Parent Facilitator or Parent Designee.

    * Watch the on-line Mandated Reporter video.  (Mandated by the State & district)  At the conclusion of the video, take a mini test & once that test is passed participants will be presented with an electronic certificate.  You must print that certificate & present it to the Parent Facilitator or Parent Designee.

    * Go through the sex offenders registry.  This is required due to some volunteers will be working one-on-one with students.

    * Obtain prior approval from the school principal for entrance to the school & to interact with students.