• Course Syllabus and Classroom Procedures
    Warren Road Elementary School

    Visual Arts

    Mrs. Nicola Brown


    Contact Information


    Mrs. Nicola Brown


    Room: 403


    Office Hours:

    Monday - Friday


    Course Description:


    The mission of the Richmond County School System's Fine Arts division is multifaceted.  Through the study of the arts, students will develop a language for expression, skills for creative literacy, as well as cognitive, emotional social and psychomotor skills.  The study of the arts provides students with an outlet for their creative abilities and individuality. 


    All-County Art

    Each year, art teachers select current student art work to display for an All-County art show.  All high schools and middle schools are expected to participate.  Teachers will meet to help set-up the displays and to arrange student work on the displays and then to ultimately take the work down.  The show usually lasts one week. 


    Safety in the Art Classroom

    It is very important that the art teacher develop safety procedures for the art classroom.  It is the teacher’s responsibility to ensure any materials that contain chemicals that could be hazardous are not accessible to students.   


    General Rules:  Be on time, be prepared, be respectful, and be responsible.


    Preparation for Class: Enter the Art room ready to listen, learn and create.


    Expectations for class:     


    Everyone has the right to, and should expect to, learn.

    Each individual is worthy of respect.

    Classroom orderliness is necessary for an effective classroom.

    Hard work is necessary for learning.


    Earned consequences:  We follow the WRES code of conduct procedures for discipline.


    Late Work:

    1. Work turned in late and not associated with an excused absence will not earn full credit.
    2. Depending on the magnitude of the work being turned in late, and the degree of lateness, the teacher may reduce the credit per the WRES Student Handbook.
    3. Due to the learning challenges due to Covid19, all Late Work will be accepted and given credit.


    Missed Work:


    1. It is the student's responsibility to obtain the homework assignments, notes & any other pertinent information that is missed during an absence.
    2. Missed work due to an absence: Additional timeand full credit will be allowed for each day of a verifiable and excused absence.



    Grading Scale:

    The District grading scale as applied to points earned by the end of a grading period is as follows: 










    Below 70


    Weighted Grades:


    Assessments – 10%

    Final Project-30%

    Classwork/Participation - 60%


    Contact Information:

    Please feel free to contact me.You may reach me by calling the school office or by emailing me. My email address is as follows:




    Both email addresses are distributed by the Richmond County Board of Education.  Additional Copies of the syllabus are available on the website listed above.



    If anything has been left out of the syllabus, I will send updates and additional information by emails and make an announcement in class.  Please check your email regularly as it is my preferred point of contact.