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    Name Amanda Glover
    Email: gloveam@boe.richmond.k12.ga.us
    Subject(s):  Ap Biology & Biology 

  • Tutoring

    Tuturing is Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays.  Please check to make sure I do not have a meeting or appointment before you stay.  Students must be picked up by 4pm.

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    Please make sure you have accounts in Infinite Campus and Canvas.  This will allow you to follow what the students are doing in class and see their grades.  Please visit the page below for instructions.


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  • Assignment Make up and Redos

    Students have multiple weeks to make up work or redo it.  Usually they have at  least until the test over the material or the end of the month.  After the assignment is locked, students will not be able to complete it any more.  They do have USA Test Prep (Progress Learning) for remediation/extra credit.

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  • Test Attempts

    Students are given three attempts to take tests.  They automatically receive two on Canvas or additional testing platform.  They may have to make an appointment for the second attempt it they need extra time.  To receive the third attempt, they must complete all of the USA Test Prep (Progress Learning) to retest.

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  • Parking Passes

    Parking passes will be sold for $25/you will need your driver's license, insurance, and registration (tag)/more info soon.  Applications will be available in 1st period and they will be turned into Mrs. Knox.

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  • Lockers

    Lockers are $10 (exact change) and sold through Mrs. Knox.

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