• Office Hours:  1:40 pm- 3:00pm


    Daily schedule

    1st Period- 7:35-8:25-Personal Fitness 

    3rd Period- 9:25-10:15- Personal Fitness 

    4th Period- 10:20-11:10- Advanced Personal Fitness

    5th Period- 11:15-12:40- Advanced Personal Fitness

    6th Period- 12:45-1:35- Exercise & Weight Control

    7th Period- Introductory Team Sports



    The class will receive reminders about assignments, quizzes, and other things related to the class. It is MANDATORY that each student downloads the remind app to receive reminders from the teacher.

    Send Text To 81010

    Text This Message:

    • 1st period- @nnwi
    • 2nd period- @nnwim
    • 3rd period- @nnwimb
    • 4th period- @nnwimbe
    • 5th period- @nnwimber
    • 6th period- nnwimberl