• Syllabus


    Course Title: Basic Maintenance & Light Repair

    Instructor: Mr.  Blocker

    Email: Blockcl@boe.richmond.k12.ga.us

    Phone: (706) 823-6900

    Hours for concerns, conferences, or remediation.

    3:15pm Monday – Thursday

    Textbook: Modern Automotive Technology

                    Author: James E. Duffy          Cost for replacement $ 90.00

    Materials Provided by Teacher:

    -Textbook (if damaged, student will be responsible for cost of book).

    -Protective clothing (for lab activities)

    Materials provided by student:

    -Ink pen (all work to be completed in ink only).

    -Safety Goggles

    -Folder (or similar to keep work in. (spiral notebooks cannot be used).

                         Course Format and expectations

                    This course will be consist of relevant lectures, rigorous classroom discussion, presentations, lab group work, writing and peer tutoring. Students registered in this class are expected to contribute content discussions. Students will also explore and present ideas both orally, as well as written. Students will complete individual & group assignments and participate as peer tutors.

                                    Course description

    MLR will explore the theory, maintenance, and repair of various automotive vehicle systems. Both theory and practical application will be covered. Engine, drive train, cooling & lubrication systems, fuel system, suspension-steering, braking electrical systems, and engine performance will be explained during this one year class. This class will integrate the study of math, science, communication skills, and writing skills applicable to the automotive industry throughout the year. If you drive, this class will give you a good understanding of how your car work.


    Notebook = 25%                                                                                              Tests = 10%

    TITD/Classwork = 30%                                                                                    Lab Grade = 35%