Our Purpose:


     Promising Pearls is a mentorship program at Copeland Elementary school that fosters a community of self-love, self-care, and self-worth. We focus on the advancement of young women to make positive life choices and to maximize their authentic potential. The program is committed to creating a change and building voices of young women.We envision a community in which every young girl is empowered to make informed desicions, establish healthy relationships, and be self-suffiecient.



    Promising Pearls mentoring has a mission to equip girls with the tools to become leaders and better versions of themselves through our 6 themes:


    • character building
    • self-esteem
    • self-awareness
    • body image
    • etiquette
    • career readiness



    Our Goals:


    • cultivate long term mentor/mentee relationships through group mentoring
    • provide etiquette tips and practice for practical application
    • instill positive self-image that empowers girls to be confident
    • build character and self-esteem to be leaders and global citizens
    • enhance leadership and public speaking skills