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      The vision of the Richmond County School System is “to provide an equitable education for all students to prepare them for life beyond the classroom.” Computer literacy is an important part of today's world - all students need the opportunity to learn to use programs commonly used in the workforce and colleges. The PowerUp initiative uses our education sales tax funds to provide a device for every student. These devices will help assignments to be personalized, engaging, and can increase creativity. This initiative can also provide access to knowledge outside of the classroom. The PowerUp Handbook is designed to help our students understand how to care for the device, use it properly, find help if needed, and to become good digital citizens. 


      PowerUp is a school based initiative. Here at Copeland, we have SIX(6) requirements that students, parents, and families will need to complete in order for students to be issued a take-home device. On the menu to the left, you can work through these requirements at your own pace, or you can come to one of our in-person sessions to receive help and guidance through these requirements. Students will only be issued take home devices (on Dec 13th-14th) once verification is received from families that requirements have been completed. Please see below for the summary of requirements and available times for in-person orientation and assistance.

      1. Complete the PowerUp Course for parents in Canvas.

      2. Attend the Copeland PowerUp Parent Orientation (in person or self paced)

      3. Review the 2021-2022 PowerUp Student Handbook

      4. Review the device replacement cost and insurance information (and sign up if interested)

      5. Complete the Copeland PowerUp Orientation Verification form

      6. Sign the RCSS student technology loan agreement and return it to the school.




    PowerUp Message from Dr. Kenneth Bradshaw, Superintendent