Our Purpose:


    Guys with Ties is an all-male mentorship program at Copeland Elementary school that builds long-lasting relationships between youth and mentors. We focus on the advancement of young men to make positive life choices and mazimize their full potential. In this program, our goal is to provide guidance, support, and enrichmentopportunities while developing the whole child. We want to expose your child to the importance of brotherhood and service early in life to equip him for a bright future. 



    Our six core values:


    • collegiality
    • compassion
    • excellence
    • inclusion
    • leadership
    • integrity



    Our goals are to:


    • cultivate long term mentor/mentee relationships through group mentoring
    • provide ettiquette guidance and opportunities for practical application
    • instill a positive self-image that empowers guys to be confident 
    • build character and self-esteem to be leaders and global citizens
    • enhance leadership and public speaking skills