Online Academy Information

  • Many of our students are participating in Online Academy this term and we want it to be as successful as possible! We are working hard to ensure all of our students have access to a top notch education!


    Online Academy Parents: CLICK HERE and HERE to see new parent information about our SECOND SEMESTER of learning!


    Click HERE to access the Richmond County information page about our virtual learning. You will find expectations, tips about Canvas, and other valuable information on this page.


    At Copeland, our online academy teachers are: 

    Kindergarten - Ms. Heise

    1st Grade: Ms. Heise

    2nd Grade: Mrs. Rozier 

    3rd Grade: Ms. David

    4th Grade: Mrs. Nelson

    5th Grade: Mrs. Nelson

    All school resources will be accessible through our learning management system called Canvas. Canvas can be accessed through a student's LaunchPad, which also houses links and sign-ons to other school resources such as I-Ready, Office 365, their textbooks, and more! You will learn all about them as school moves on!

    Click the button to access LaunchPad and get started with school!



    As we work, we discover issues sometimes. Below are some answers to some common issues we have encountered so far. 


    Tip: Always use the Google Chrome web browser to access Launchpad!


    Tip: Using the Teams desktop application gives you more features over using Teams in a web browser. On school issued devices, the Teams desktop app should be already installed. If not, that has permissions to be installed and you can do it yourself. You can download the Teams desktop app onto personal devices from within the Web version of Teams. 


    Tip: Don't SKIP updates! When you go to power down your computer and see "Update and shut down," go ahead and do it! Leaving your computer on all the time will cause you to miss important updates. This lack of updates can sometimes cause your computer to stop working when it was working fine before.


    Problem: My child can't log into Launchpad. 

    Solution: 1) Make sure you are using Chrome. 2) Make sure you have typed the username and password correctly. Passwords are CASE sensitive. 3) completely refresh the page and try again.


    Problem: When I/my child clicks Canvas, it asks for a sign in.

    Solution: 1)Make sure you are using Chrome. 2) When logging into LaunchPad in Chrome, you will be prompted to install an add-on called ClassLink Extension. You must install this add-on in order to get to Canvas correctly. (If you are on a school issued device, this should already be done. If not and you are prompted, install the extension)

              Note: You should NOT create an account in Canvas for your student. They already have one. 

              Note: You must get to Canvas through LaunchPad.


    Problem: The camera doesn't work

    Solution: This is a funny one but usually the answer. If you are using a school issued device, there is a *very small* slider on the top of your computer screen. It's a lens cap. It could get accidentally get slid one way or the other when opening and closing your computer. Make sure the slider is to the left, so the camera lens is uncovered.

    camera lens slider


    As we come across more common problems, we will add to this list of problems and solutions. If you have an additional problem and your child's online teacher can not direct you to a solution, you can call the Online Learning help desk at (706) 826-1103 or email