Teachers Only

  • Welcome to the "Teachers Only" Section!

    Teachers, while some of the pages in the section are public, please make sure you are signed into the website to get full access to this section! You will find helpful resources, presentations, and instructions on how to do various things you may need assistance with! If you have a request for something to be added to this section, please send me an email and ask!


    Tech requests will NO longer go through the media specialist. You put the request in yourself through the link below. You must insert all required information into the form in order to submit it. See the media specialist for the submittal password. If you do not, and a tech comes in your absence, he/she may not have enough information in order to fix your problem.

    Please do basic trouble shooting and talk with a colleague before submitting a technical request. If it is something simple, a tech does not need to be called out, and we can better prioritize our needs.

    Thank you so much!


    First time users; Click "Register here" and use your DISTRICT EMAIL AND PASSWORD to create an account.

    Next, when you log in, make sure you go under the IT REQUEST tab before putting in your order. (If a maintenance tab appears, do NOT use this one. The password is different and you will not be able to submit a request)

    Do not submit the same request more than once. The request stays in the tech's queue until it is completed.

    SchoolDude Tech Request Form