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     National PTA Motto:

               “Every child — One voice”
     Georgia PTA Motto: 
            "Every child's potential  is a reality"


     To  advocate (support and speak) on behalf of children in schools and community, and before governmental bodies that make decisions affecting children.  To assist parents in developing skills needed to raise and protect children. Also to encourage parents and public involvement in public schools and this nation.
     Why Should I Become a Member?

    Being a member of the National and State organization enables us to obtain the licenses we need to run fundraisers as a non-profit organization, meaning that we do not pay tax. Contributions to National and State PTA help us to establish training programs for parents, and to provide resources for parents seeking to change a local school practice, facility or environment.

    As a member you are not obligated to volunteer for anything; however it is greatly appreciated. In addition, membership fees allows the PTA an opportunity to purchase valuable resources for our classrooms.  

    The membership fee is $5.00.

      Deer Chase PTA is a member of both National and GA PTA, organizations that work hand in hand to enrich your child's learning experience throughout the school year.