• We would like to thank all students who participated in our first virtual Science Fair. We would also like to thank all volunteers, parents, and teachers for your support!


    Congratulations to the following winners of the Deer Chase Elementary Science Fair! We are so proud of you! First place winners are eligible to compete at the upcoming Regional Science and Engineering Fair.  

    5th Grade 

    • 1st Place: It Must Continue to Grow! by Brian Kohn
    • 2nd Place: Organic Shampoo vs. Store Bought by Atarah Langston
    • 3rd Place: How Salty Does the Sea Have to Be for an Egg to Float? by Ari Johnson
    • Honorable Mention How Does Glow in the Dark Paint Effect Slime? by Tyree Hicks

    4th Grade 

    • 1st Place: Floating Egg With Salt Water by Athena Lofton
    • 2nd Place: Let Me Save Your Teeth by Alaina Agnew-Rogers
    • 3rd Place: Which Brand of Batteries Last the Longest? by Jaida Salmond 
    • 3rd Place: What Causes Ocean Waves? by Elaide James
    • Honorable Mention Which Material Can Catch a Bubble? By Amari Keller

    Just a reminder…..The virtual science fair is still up and running for anyone who would like to check out these awesome projects!