Hi! My name is Mrs. Bryant and I am going to be your 1st grade teacher. I hope your summer was filled with great memories, laughs, and fun times with your friends and family!        

    I am excited to have you in my class this year at Willis Foreman Elementary School doing virtual learning. Make sure you have completed the student and parent Orientation for Canvas on the county website www.rcboe.org  

    We are going to have a lot of FUN and we are going to do a lot of LEARNING! I’ll be working very hard to help you learn so you need to be ready to do a lot of hard work, too!

    YOU are going to be a very important part of our class, so come to school with a smile and be ready to give your brain a good workout!



    Mrs. Bryant

    We are flying quickly in 1st grade!! Buckle up and Buckle down, it's going to be an exciting ride!!!
      blast off