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Welcome letter



    I am extremely excited about this upcoming school year. I have high hopes that your child will soar high in second grade.  There are a great deal of concepts and skills that your child will learn this year. In order to keep track of your child's mastery of these skills.  Your child will  be graded  on a standard based system. The new report card for grades K-3 will include a grading scale (1-4). 

    • 1- Beginning Learner
    • 2-Developing Learner
    • 3-Proficient Learner
    • 4-Distinguished Learner

    If an indicator is not measured during the grading period, the student will NOT receive a mark on the report card.

    Keep in mind not all assignments are scored. We will be practicing skills before your child is assessed. Weekly papers  will be sent home  in your child’s communication folder. Please review the report, sign it, and return it to the school. Your child will be given homework on a weekly basis.  Homework will be taken up on Friday of each week.

Classroom Rules:

As a class we have developed six rules.

 Red Rule: Keep quiet and calm!

Orange rule: keep your hands and feet to yourself!

Yellow rule: Tell the truth!

Green Rule: Control your emotions!

Blue Rule: Follow Directions!

Purple Rule: Be respectful! 

    When students decide not to follow the school’s rules, negative consequences will occur. I will not be using a clipping system but will take five points off of a student’s conduct grade each time they reach a step in the behavior plan or break a rule. Each day in your communication folder you will see their level of behavior. We will also use Class Dojo for communication and to earn points. Those points will be uded for our PBIS celebrations. 


       Communication between the home and school is a big factor that will help us as a team to reach our goals for your child. The main source of communication is through your child’s folder. You will see homework inserted in this folder, your child’s behavior log and teacher notes. If you need to send a note to us that does not require a response (such as but not limited to change of transportation and medical excuses) place them in this folder. This is also a place you can send money to school. Please place it in a sealed envelope labeled with the amount, teacher’s name, student’s name and the reason for the money.

Breakdown of the communication folder:

RETURN TO SCHOOL: The front inside pocket is for important information that you need to read and possibly sign. Students homework will also be placed in this side of the folder and needs to be returned completed the following day in this pocket. You may also see a note card with words your child will need to practice each day.

INSIDE CLEAR POCKET PROTECTOR- This is where your child’s behavior log will be located. Please observe and sign daily. It is important for you to be aware of your child’s behavior throughout the school year. This log should remain in the clear protector.

KEEP AT HOME: The back inside pocket will contain work that was done by your child in class. This work was done for practice of a skill. Take these papers out of the folder daily and review them with your child.

        If you have an emergency and need to change transportation please call the office and they will notify us. You can always call us at the school at (706) 771-2881. Phone calls during instructional time will take away from your child so please call us after school. A response will be given to all calls and e-mails. Within 24 hours. Emailing me is the best form of communication. My email address is Parrica@ Richmond.k12.ga.us.  Class Dojo can be used as well as a communication tool. 


Thank you,

Mrs. Keels