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    Greek Project


    Please click on Greek Project above. You will find a list of activities you can choose from that add up to a total of 50 points. Do the ones that you find challenging and push yourself. I Cannot wait to see your excellent work! Remember can send it to me via email at parrica@BOE.Richmond.k12.ga.us or through class dojo. 


    Construct a 3-D model of your selected Greek monster using materials from home.

    *Centaurs * Chimera * Cyclopes *Cerberus * Furies *Griffins *Charbydis *Hydra *Medusa *Pegasus *Scylla *Satyrs

    Create a myth to go along with your Greek Monster in your one drive and e-mail your myth to me at Parrica@BOE.richmond.k12.ga.us 


    What is a myth?



    Now that you know what a myth is and have looked into the different creatures in Greek Mythology, we are going to navigate to the Greek Gods and Goddess. 

    Choose a Greek God and Goddess from the list below:
















    Once you choose a God or Goddess research him or her. With the information you find you will create an action figure or a barbie. 


    TASK: Your job is to design a doll based on ONE of the the Greek gods in the list above. Use details that you about the mythological character to complete all parts of your doll.


    1. FEATURES: THREE features are actions that the doll can do. Perhaps your doll can speak a line or kick or jump or bat its eyes. Make sure these relate to the character you have chosen.


    2. ACCESSORIES: THREE objects that come with your character. These are small, usually painted plastic items that come with the doll.


    3. VEHICLE: Create a vehicle for your doll. This can be a modern vehicle, but make it relevant to the character.


    4. ALSO COLLECT: Make reference to ONE other toy that might go well with the one you have created. For example, Barbie has all kinds of extras: beach houses, other doll friends, pets, etc.


    5. CHARACTER DESCRIPTION: Provide a paragraph of biographical information about your character. Who is your doll? Why is he/she interesting? What is he/she the god of? Who is your god related to and how? What are his/her powers?

    Your character is: ____________________________ 


    Be creative use some of the writing techniques we have explored to make your writing interesting! You can use similar design as the exmple below, make it on the computer, create it through paint, make a poster, make free-hand art or any method to complete this assignment. However, please do not clip in pictures from the internet. You are the artist :)! 


    An example of this assignment: