• Animal Adaptations 


    Media Center Resources

    Ganeri, A. (2008). Africa’s most amazing animals. Chicago, IL: Raintree.

    Call# 591; AR 5.3; Lexile ~825

    Summary: “Profiles ten animals that have adapted to the unique climate and environment of Africa, with information on each animal's habitat, adaptations, behavior, and distribution.”

    **We have all 7 continents in this series as well as ocean and polar animals.


    Stockland, P. M. (2005). Sand, leaf, or coral reef: A book about animal habitats.

    Minneapolis, MN: Picture Window Books.

    Call# 591; AR 3.8; Lexile~650

    Summary: “Briefly discusses the adaptations animals have made to live in various environments.”


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    This site contains a lot of wonderful interactive “game” for Promethean Board use or individual student use.



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