What's Going On In Here!

  •  working Tips for Being Successful
    • Read Every Single Day (15 to 20 minutes each day)
    • Complete a math word problem every day
    • Try Hard No Matter What the Task!! 
    • When you get an opportunity do better the next time, do better!
    • If you don't know ask, that's why I am here.
    • Complete an iReady lesson everyday in language arts and math.

    *****Repetition and practice make us better! 

  • Be sure to take time out to study your math fact families for addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication!!! Complete a constructive response when you're done.  Remember all responses must be justified.  Have a plan when you're answering questions-why did you use the operation you chose?  How do you know that your answer is correct?

    When reading be prepared to discuss who did what why and when.  Can you tell the somebody that wanted to and why?  Reading is not only calling out words but it is also being able to discuss what you read!

    Science is an opportunity to discover something you haven't thought about!  Complete at least one science experiment a month.

    Social Studies gives us lessons on why things happen the way that they do.  Can you explain why a was a was started and how it ended?