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    OrganizationHow to get kids organized heading back to school

    Now that we have worked on our desk let's work on what's in the desk.  Today we will focus on organizing our notebooks.  

    Interactive Notebooks for American History | Students of History ...Notebooks are good because they help us keep information organized  and keep records of our work.  Notebooks keep our notes, due dates, and other important information in one place.  Let's see how these people organize their notebooks!  You may choose any system you like as long as it keeps you in order and neat.  How to Organize Your School Notebook and How to Organize Your School Notebook (with pictures).  You can use colored paper, markers, sticky notes, table of contents, or any method you choose to organize.

      12 Tips to Organize Your Notes for High School | Start School Now Tips to get started

    1. Use a calendar-you can download or print one

    2. Create a to-do list

    3. Use a color for each subject

    4.  Use dividers

    5. Use sticky Notes

    6. Create a table of contents



     What is organization and why is it important?  Organization helps us with time, production, and impressions.  To show organization, you can:

    • use time carefully
    • try to complete your work on time
    • do neat work
    • use materials properly
    • put items back where you got them from
    • keep your desk and areas tidy

    What does a tidy or clean desk look like? 

    Clean Desk Anchor Chart: Mini lesson + printables for teaching ... Each student has a desk so let's start with keeping that area neat and organized.  Organization helps us find things quickly, keep up with important papers, and assists us with turnin in assignments on time! If our desks are in order this will help us with this as well.  When you go back to school make it a point to organize your desk weekly!!



    Epic Resource Alert: A Synthesis of Self-Regulation Studies ...

    This week we will work on controlling our behavior, our emotions, our reactions, and people to support when you need assistance.

    Put Into Practice

    We are going to demonstrate what we are learning, let's play some games!!! These are some games to try: Red Light Green Light, Freeze, Simon Says, Blow Bubbles, Play with Playdough, Musical Chairs, and Role Playing (create scenarios that would make you angry and play out how to handle it correctly).

    Look at this picture.  Create a game using the materials he has in the picture.  Name your game, write rules, and explain how to win.

    12 Outdoor Games for Kids for Cool Fun This Summer

    We have talked about self-regulation all week.  What have you learned about self-regulation?  Why is self regulation important?  Remember to practice because practice makes us better!


    We are going to teach our peers how to breathe and calm down. Have you ever thought about breathing?  Watch here Square Breathing for an idea.  What can we use to focus on to breathe or how we can we teach others how to use breathing to regain control?

    Here are some ideas:  

    Calm Down Breathing – Brain Blox      Using Visual Supports in Yoga Groups for Kids & Teens – being ...  Calm Down Cupcake Birthday Candle Breathing Strategy Posters ...

    We should study some things we can do when we feel the urge to act out coming on or the need for a break.  I am going to list some things we can do in class to regain focus and help find some control!

    • Take Deep Breaths
    • Doodle
    • Think of something that makes you laugh or happy
    • Slowly count backward from 10
    • Write a letter
    • Read a book
    • Close your eyes and think of your favorite place
    • Tell someone how you're feeling and ask to speak to someone if the feelings are too overwhelming

    Have you ever tried using a stress ball?  It's quiet you can squeeze it whenever you feel incomfortable, mad, sad, happy, or just need to keep your hands busy!  You just need a balloon and some dirt!  I am going to attach a video in case you would like to make a fancier stress ball. How to Make a Stress Ball

    Practice these strategies when you're not upset so when you do get upset they  become automatic.

    Create a poster showing what self regulation looks like on one side and on the other side please show a picture of what not having self regulation looks like.  It can be as simple as using emojis or stick people or extremely detailed.  Use your imagination.  I am attaching an example.

    Yoga in the Classroom: Middle School Calm Focus - YouTube   self regulation and non regulation  How to Calm the Chaos in Your Classroom | Teach 4 the Heart


    Relaxed Emoji Clipartself regulation and non regulationDon't lose control #angermanagementeducation | Funny emoticons ... 



    Why is self regulation important?  What is self regulation?  Let's think about this..... Self regulation is when I control myself!  At times it is not easy to wait or take a turn or allow things to happen naturally!  We are going to meet a character who had to learn to wait.  Have you ever thought about your birthday and a present someone promised you? It's so hard to wait on the special event or day to get your present or surprise.  Let's see how he handled waiting...

    Waiting Is Not Easy! (An Elephant and Piggie Book): Willems, Mo ...Waiting is Not Easy    How did Elephant handle waiting?  How does his behavior make Piggie feel?  How would people feel about you if you're impatient and bother them because they are offering you something.  Was the surprise worth the wait?  There is an old saying that states, anything worth having is worth waiting for.  Do you agree with this statement?  Write in your journal why self regulation is beneficial and nessary.


    Key Of Responsibility Clipart

    Teach Responsibility in the Elementary Classroom | Teaching ...We have been working on responsiblity all week.  Can you tell me three things about responsibility and how to show you are responsible?  Please use your notes if you need a reminder.  Do you think everyone benefits when people demostrate responsibility? Why or why not?


    Today we are going to design an award for someone who has improved in demonstrating responsibility or someone who always displays a responsible attitude.  You can make it colorful, tangible (something you can touch), or be as creative as you would like.  I am attaching an example.  You may create the award of your choice.                                                                               Responsibility Lesson Certificate Poster and Worksheet | TpT



    We are going to check in with someone who is taking responsibility!  Listen to the story I'll Do It, Taking Responsibility  The first element of being responsible is to take care of yourself and then help others.  

    Responsibility starts with accepting the consequences, good or bad.  We will practice using some scenarios or things that may happen.

    1.  How to Animate a Character Throwing a BallYou are throwing a ball in the classroom and you break somehting.  What do you do:

    a. tell the teacher what happened

    b. apologize and offer to glue it back together

    c. put it in the garbage


    2.  You played outside with your friends and did not do your homework. You should:

    a.tell the teacher you left your homework at home

    b. accept the consequences and try not to do it again

    c. tell the teacher you left your homework on the bus

    3.  Your teacher is giving a test next week.  You study every day and your friends don't.  They fail and you make an A.  What do you do next:

    a. don't study again, if they don't pass you don't want to pass

    b.  take pride that you did study and made an A

    c. invite them to study with you next time so that all of you can make an A

    Being responsible will open up new opportunities for you so take some time and do the responsible thing!  Folllow through on what you said you will do and accept the consequences of what has been done.  



     Responsibility worksheets - Talking with Trees BooksToday we will continue to talk about responsibility.  We are going to practice what responsibility looks like in different situations.  Read over these situations with someone and discuss them.  Did you agree?  It's okay not to agree but be sure to be respectful when not agreeing.  Click here to complete your responsibility exercise What is Responsibility?

      Responsibility Worksheet

    We will continue our study in responsibility.  Responsibilty can be defined as doing what you are expected to do and taking consequences for your actions.  We need to be responsible at home, at school, in with all things we do in life.  What would happen if no one showed responsibility?   Draw what things could look like if no one behaved responsibly?  This is what I think it could look like-->

    Angry Boss Screams In Chaos At His Subordinates Stock Vector ...What would you think of a bunch of grown ups doing this?  How do you think grown ups feel when they see you doing this-->Innovate My School - Is play-based learning a waste of time? Can we say if anyone is learning?  Is this safe?  Would you want to be in this class?  Just think of it as if you don't want to be there then others more than likely don't want to either!  Let's be responsible for ourselves first and show others the way!  Complete the worksheet linked above.




    This week we are going to work on RESPONSIBLITY! What is responsibility?  Listen to this song and then let's discuss--> Responsibility Song   Did you like the song?  What did you learn about responsibilty?   

    Teach Responsibility in the Elementary Classroom | Teaching ...Create your own responsibility poster in your notebook.  Why is it important to be responsible?  I am including some examples you don't have to copy them I just wanted to send you some ideas!  Happy creating:)

    Sustainability and Recycling Anchor Charts to Use in Your Classroom        Learning Skills Anchor Charts by Sarah Beckett | TpT Roles, Jobs, Responsibilities, and Rights (Mini Anchor Charts) FREEBIE



    Perseverance Persevere Clip Art - Royalty Free - GoGraph

    Click to see printable version of T-shirt Coloring pageDesign a t-shirt that displays what you think perserverance is.  You can draw a picture, create a symbol, write a saying, or show an example! Here is an Example of tshirt 

     I can't wait to see your creations!All you need is perseverance to succeed - Slogan - T-Shirt | TeePublic

    Today let's look at a few videos to remind us about perseverance or never giving up!  I want you to think about a character as you watch the videos.  Click Here Build Character: Perseverance for a quick reminder about our skill of the week.  Click here Example of Perseverance to watch an example of perseverance.  Now think of a character, symbol, situation, or area that you would need to exercise or display perseverance!


    Why is perseverance so important especially during difficult times?  Think about someone who kept going during a difficult time.  This person could be a family member, a famous person, you, or etc.  How did they persevere?  What happened as a result of their willingness to keep going?  If you can't think of anyone use Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  Use the worksheet as a thought organizer.  Preparing for rough times or knowing how to live through them can help ease stress and anxiety.  Let's strengthen our perseverance muscles!

    Perseverance in Challenging TimesIf you would like to download the sheet so you can see it better, click here Perseverance in Challenging Times

    What is perseverance?  Please watch this video on Perseverance.  Now complete the worksheet on perseverance. Do you exercise perseverance often?  

    Perseverance - Freebie - Growth Mindset by Growing Firsties | TpT        Character - Claim 1 - Campbell

    Watch this video Problem Solving with RespectLife Lessons sharing and respecting others - YouTube Tell me how the Bear and the Moose could have solved the problem with respect.  How did the Rabbit and the Raccoon solve their problem?  Watch to the end-did the Bear or the Moose learn anything?

    Why is important to show respect for everyone?  How would you feel if you weren't able to do something or get where you needed to go because someone felt what they were doing was more important?  There is enough room, opportunity, life, and love for everyone.  Don't impede their path and sometimes just allow them to go first or around, it will come back to you in the most wonderful way!  #respect


    What is personal space?  How can we determine if we are too close to others?  How do you feel when people invade your space?  Let's listen to Harrison's adventure to determine how much is too close, too far, or just right!  Let's learn how to comfortably live and interact with others.  Give the book a revie- did you like it?

    Read Aloud The InvaderHarrison P. Spader, Personal Space Invader - (Little Boost) By ...


    Story Time!!! Listen to this story and tell me what did the wolf learn to do?  Is self control valuable?  Think of a time you lost self control and now think of something you can do next time.The Wolf Who Learned Self Control

    The Wolf Who Learned Self-Control: Orianne Lallemand, Eleonore ...





    We will be continuing with our skills by using a listneing mat.  What is a listening mat?  It is a series of directions that you have to listen to intently to complete a task correctly.  Test how well you can do!

    Freebie: Following Directions... Students will love reading color ... 

    What do you think about how we are communicating?  We are going to look at a PowerPoint today about communication.  Go through the slide show and tell me three tips you got from the presentation!  Increasing Communication 

    36 Cornell Notes Templates & Examples [Word, PDF] ᐅ TemplateLabHow to use the Cornell Note Taking method: Two column notes – UOS ...





    Image result for listening gifWe are going to continue our lesson on communication.  What happens when people are talking to each other and no one is listening?  Have you ever been talking to a friend or friends about something important and it felt like they weren't listening?  How did you feel?  How do you think your teacher feels when they think you're not listening?  In our quest to be the best person we can be we are going to work on becoming good listeners.  Let's meet Howard B. Wigglebottom!

    Listen Better

    Listen Better Lesson  What made Howard change? 


    Active Listening

    Watch this video.  Make a checklist that tells us how to be active listeners.  Include your rating scales for the participants! Active Listening: How to Communicate Effectively


    Let's start off with an appropriate hello and greeting to start a conversation.  Try these examples: Image result for how to communicate worksheets for kids