• STEM and Maker Activities to Do at Home   


    You may not have a STEM lab at home. You may not have the wonderful STEM teacher Dr. Donaldson at home. You can still have lots of fun doing STEM activities at home!


    STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Sometimes A for Art is added to make STEAM. With STEM, students used their creativity and imagination to design, build, and explore.


    Scroll down and click on the links below to find STEM and maker activities, videos, and more! There are STEM and Maker activities from Science Buddies, NASA, Exploratorium, and Demco.


    Helpful hint to parents:  Stores like Dollar Tree are a treasure trove of supplies for STEM and Maker activities that will keep you children busy, creating and doing something on their own! Craft sticks, pipe cleaners, tape, glue, pom poms, card stock-- you name it, they have it.