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    Some people would rather listen than read, and more power to them! If that's you, you're in luck because podcasts were made for you! Podcasts address almost every topic you can think of: science, news, history, animals, etc. Fiction and nonfiction. You are bound to find something you like.


    People often listen to podcasts on their phones. In order to do this, a podcast app (or podcatcher) has to be downloaded to your phone. Examples of podcatchers are Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Tune In, iTunes, and Stitcher. Often, these apps are free.


    Once you have the podcatcher,  you search it for the content (or podcast) you want and subscribe. Many podcasts are free, but some do charge a subscription fee. As always, please check with a responsible adult before purchasing anything online or on your phone.

    If this sounds too complicated, don't worry, almost all of the podcasts I've included here can be listened to online, at their websites. I've provided the links, so you just have to click and enjoy!


    Scroll down the page to learn about some really incredible podcasts. To find more podcasts visit these websites: