• Hephzibah Elementary is an authorized IB PYP World School (International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program).

    IB is used to create a world view in the classroom. We teach the same standards, concepts, and assess the same skills as other schools, we just do it a different way. We teach all standards through different transdisciplinary units. This means that all subjects are intertwined with each other. All subjects will connect in some way.

    We also teach the students different profiles. We teach them to be knowledgeable, principled, balanced and caring. We teach them to be thinkers and reflective in their work and to be risk-takers to learn beyond the standards. We teach them to be open-minded, inquirers, and communicators not only in the classroom, but in our community as well.

    Please go to the IB website www.ibo.org and look around. There is so much information that is there and you can see how they will use IB all through their school careers.