Students are NOT required to "DRESS OUT" for PE, but their clothing and shoes do need to meet certain requirements.


    Shoes:  NO-LACE Sneakers are preferred but not required. 

    There are many affordable options available in the marketplace that provide adequate support as well as eliminate safety issues with untied shoes.

    Footwear is considered acceptable for PE if they have all the foll

    • rubber soles
    • very low or no heel
    • for sandals, a heel strap that keeps the shoe on
    • ANY footwear with high heels will not be permitted in PE.



    • Jackets or coats are not permitted in the gym.
    • Students must have shorts or pants that stay on.  Requiring the use of hands to lift these garments into position creates a safety issue and result in non-participation.
    • Shirts exposing the stomach area or shoulders are not permitted.
    • Skirts or dresses are ok, but student must wear shorts underneath.