Students are NOT required to "DRESS OUT" for PE, but their clothing and shoes do need to meet certain requirements.


    Shoes: Safety is an absolute must in PE and incorrect footwear can lead to injury. For PE, PLEASE have your learner wear athletic type shoes primarily designed for sports or other forms of physical exercise, but which are now also widely used for everyday casual wear. Any sneakers will do, but those that have a "no tie" feature such as velcro straps or elastic bands are obviously preferred to remove any risk of tripping on laces or coming out of shoes.

    • Students should wear "sneakers" or sneaker-like shoes to PE.  This means FLAT, RUBBER SOLES.
    • Footwear featuring laces too short and/or not designed to be tied will not be permitted in PE.
    • no sandals, boots, "crocs", or heels of any kind are permitted in PE.  
    • ALL footwear must FIT PROPERLY.  Oversized shoes are not permitted.  
    • Please review your learner's schedule with regard to what day(s) of the week they have PE.


    • Jackets or coats are not permitted in the gym.  On PE days, MAKE SURE your learner has appropriate clothing on under their jacket or sweatshirt as they will need to leave their outerclothing in the classroom.
    • Students must have shorts or pants that stay on.  Requiring the use of hands to lift these garments into position creates a safety issue and results in non-participation.  Loose fitting pants/shorts must include a BELT to keep clothing in proper position.
    • Shirts exposing the stomach area or shoulders are not permitted.
    • Skirts or dresses are ok, but student must wear shorts underneath.