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    Mr. Tavias R Bennett
    Grade:Sixth Grade

    Course: Social Studies

    I welcome you to Murphey Middle School as an upcoming 6th grader in my class. You will be challenged in my class and have fun in my class. The goal is not to only pass the Georgia Milestones, but to become a life-long learner who is productive in society. "Mavericks will succeed." I look forward to working with parents as well!

    Zero Period: 8:30-8:57

    Maverick Study Hall: 9:00-9:43

    1st Period:  9:46-10:31


    2nd Period: 10:34-11:19


    3rd Period: 11:22-12:22

    4th Period: 12:25-1:54

    Lunch (12:25-12:53)

    5th Period: 1:57-2:57

    6th Period: 3:00-4:00