• Greetings to our Blythe visitors,

    The new school year is off to a great start.  Our enrollment is growing and we have even had to add a new class in kindergarten. We have many students new to Blythe as well as those returning.  All of our children have settled in to the routines of the school day and are working hard.  As you have seen, our teachers set high expectations for all students and try daily to help them reach those goals.  They also try to contact parents often because it is important to keep you informed as a member of the academic team for your child.

     It is our goal to make sure each student is provided the foundation needed to prepare for the next level of his/her educational career.  We invite you to come by our school and see all the wonderful activities that we have going on throughout the school.  If you are interested in volunteering, we can help you get started on that process. We encourage students to be prompt and present each day and appreciate all of your help in making that happen. You should also try to get information so that you can access the parent portal.  This portal will allow you to keep up with grades, missed assignments, attendance, and also make changes with phone numbers or other information.

    It is an honor to work at Blythe Elementary and consider this an awesome part of my day, everyday. Thank you for your continued support as we prepare our children to become the best they can be.

    If you have any conerns or questions regarding our policies and procedures or any other Blythe information please call the school.


    Pam Ward, Principal 

    290 Church Street

    Blythe, GA    30805

    Phone 706  592-4090

    FAX   706   592-3708