• Greetings to all Copeland Wildcats!

    During this unusual situation, we are all learning how to learn from a distance! I am here to help you as your friendly neighborhood Media Specialist!

    On this page you can post questions about the distance learning process, ask for assistance, or comment on other distance learning topics. I will check this board regularly and respond! If I don't know the answer, I'll find someone who does and then get you an answer! Just because I can't see you in person doesn't mean I can't help!

    Additionally, I plan to post announcements, videos, and other resources to support teachers, students, and parents as we continue to educate our children. I will not let anything stop us from helping our children succeed! 

    You can also email me at shoemdi@richmond.k12.ga.us anytime. My "office hours" for responding to emails will be from 1pm to 3pm Monday through Friday.  Bookmark this page so you can stay informed!


Distance Learning Announcements and Resources

  • Good afternoon Wildcats!

    I must report that I am still experiencing some technical issues with my broadcast software that's making things difficult. I am trying to figure out what's causing it. Because of this, there will be no live episode of WCES at Home today. However, if you missed any of the previous episdoes, please go to Stream in your LaunchPad or the Copeland Wildcat channel on YouTube and check out them out! I can still give you something to check out though! How about going on a virtual field trip? Below is a link to a site that has options for over 30 field trips you can see! Go to a zoo, a space museum, or even Mars! Write about your virtual trip in your distance learning journal! 

    Virtual Field Trips

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  • Check out the website form Reading Rockets to celebrate the Day of the Child/Day of the Books! (El dia de los ninos/El dia de los libros). Check out intereviews with Hispanic authors and illustrators, find new books to read, and learn ways to help you improve as a reader!

    Reading Rockets

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  • Good afternoon kids and families! Below are the resources mentioned on WCES at Home that you can use to help you complete your daily challenges as given on the show! Miss an episode? That's ok! Catch any previous episode by going to the Stream App in your Office 365 account through LanuchPad (look up channel WCES) or check out Copeland's YouTube (Channel- Copeland Wildcat) page, where previous resources are also housed.

    Morse Code

    Children's Poetry

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  • Good afternoon and happy Friday everyone!

    As promised, here is the link to the LARGE collection of activity suggestions and ideas for you to use with your younger students! Keep them engaged in learning while having fun and being active! So many great ideas for your to try! Don't forget to send pictures and videos for us to see what you are up to! You can also share them through our Facebook Page!

    Younger Learner Activities

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  • Hey everyone! Did you catch WCES at home on Earth Day? Did you send Ms. Martin and Mrs. Collins huge shout outs on Administrative Professionals day? 

    Here is the video I promised! An old school song to teach us about recycling and conservation with Recycle Rex! You can find lots of newer songs! I challenged you to learn about Earth Day and conservation and then write/perform your own Earth Day song!

    Recycle Rex Video

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  • Hello everyone! Did you tune in to WCES on Monday? If you did you heard about some greate science and social studies based activities for all grade levels! We've got some screen free activities as well as some interactive activities! Thanks to Mrs. Williams for finding the screen free activities!

    Screen Free Science

    Scholastic Learn at Home

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  • Hey everyone! Since we are back in school don't forget you can catch episodes of WCES live at home every school day at 2pm! Shows are streamed live from the YouTube Copeland Wildcat Channel and from channel WCES in your Office 365 Stream App! Shows are available after the live stream anytime for you to watch! There are great resources for you to check out shared on the show! Below are the things I've shared so far this week! Check them out and share what you are doing with me through email!

    Make a paper horse that walks!

    Check out Authors and Illustrators doing awesome things for students online! - Article from School Library Journal

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  • Good afternoon everyone! I am so sorry there was no live episode of WCES at Home today! I was feeling a bit under the weather and didn't want to show my blah face on camera! However, I do have some thoughts to leave you with as we enter our Spring Break. You might think it's odd that we still have Spring Break, even through we are already at home, but I want you to think about some things while you rest - 


    1. The school building may be closed, but school is not. All the staff, including myself, are doing our best for you to ensure you get the education you need and deserve. 


    2. Hopefully, you have been working hard during this time to get work and learning done however you know how. Over Spring Break, you can take a rest from that and recover from these unusual circumstances. Read (more!) for pleasure, play board games, do puzzles, explore nature. You can still write in your journal too!


    3. Parents, while it is not required, I encourage you to review the technology presentation I did last week. If you do not have technology for your child to use during distance learning, I encourage you consider one of the low cost options (or any option!) available. Spring Break affords you the time to research and order one. Again, this is not required. I wish the county had enough resources to provide for everyone, but we simply don't at this time. Since we will be doing distance learning for the remainder of the year, and it is intended to be delivered digitally, I strongly suggest this option. We will still have hard copy options available for those who have no access to technology at all.


    4. We will start strong again with distance learning once Spring Break is over. This time will also be used by teachers to recharge and think of ways to continually support and help you. We are getting a new platform, called Canvas, which will help house all distance learning activities, and you may be hearing about it soon. (Another reason having good technology is important) 


    HAVE a GREAT Spring Break! We love you and miss you! If you need anything, we are still here for you! Shoot me an email or post to the discussion board! And send pictures! I miss your faces!


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  • Hey everyone! If you watched today's episode of WCES at home, you saw me talk about Dav Pilkey's videos in collaboration with the Library of Congress! He is the author of the famous series of books Captain Underpants! Be sure to check out those videos when they come out! Also, we talked about the MythBuster team and how they did experiments to show how germs can spread so easily! They are excellent videos to explain why social distancing is so important and why we should be washing our hands regularly! Check out the links below!

    Library of Congress and Dav Pilkey

    MythBusters Contamination Video

    MythBusters Sneeze video

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  • Hey everyone! If you watched WCES at home you heard about some cool ways to stay busy and use your mind at the same time with scavenger hunts and Google Earth! Below are the links specifically referenced in the show, but don't forget that you can search for many more or create your own home scavenger hunt!

    Google Earth

    Scavenger Hunt Ideas from Primary Playground

    Other Scavenger Hunt Ideas School Snippets

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  • Hello everyone! Attached is the presentation that was presented today during WCES live at Home. It goes over the different kinds of technology available, some basic pros and cons of each, and information about pricing. Hopefully this will help you as you make decisions for the continuation of our distance learning!

    technology presentation

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  • Good day everyone! Make sure you tune into WCES at home today! We will be doing a special segment on technology for distance learning! Check us out live at 2!

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  • Don't forget about the 2nd-3rd grade storytime starting in just a few minutes using Zoom!! Links are below! Then stay tuned to Stream or YouTube for today's episode of WCES at Home!

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  • Hello everyone! Don't forget about our interactive storytime for grades K-1 today at 1:30! The link is in the announcements below. And then, stick around and switch to Stream or YouTube to catch today's episode of WCES at home, starting at approximately 2:00. (or whenever storytime ends!) See you soon!

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  • Check out these great resources for you to participate in during distance learning! These were shared on the WCES at Home show today!

    ART at home Activities

    Mo Lunch Doodles

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  • Hey everyone! If you watched today's episode of WCES at home, then you know about our interactive storytimes this week!! I will be reading books by grade level bands using the webapp Zoom. All you have to do is click the link and join the meeting! This is a trial run but I have high hopes for success! Each meeting allows up to 100 participants, so please keep in mind that each househould should only log in to the meeting on one device, so they count as one participant, and if you do not have a student in the grade band offered, please do not join that session to give as many students as possible the option to join. Story times will be at 1:30 pm (so that I catch you while the toddler is asleep!). If they go well and I have good participation, I will continue with more story times, especially since I'm reading novels to some grades. I hope to "see" you there!

    K-1 Story: The Dinky Donkey Tuesday, March 24th @ 1:30pm 

    2-3 Story: Space Brat Wednesday, March 25th @ 1:30pm

    4-5 Story: Amina's Voice Thursday, March 26th @ 1:30pm

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  • Hello everyone! How's your Distance Learning Monday going? Well, get ready for the next episode of WCES at Home, airing at 2pm today! It will be on the Stream app again in Office 365. Don't forget you can watch last Friday's episode of WCES at Home on our YouTube channel for troubleshooting issues that will help you get into Office 365. There are lots of helpful tips in that episode! Drop a question in the comments of this post if you have specific questions you want to ask during today's show! There will be a special announcement about upcoming activities this week, so you won't want to miss it!

    Friday's episode of WCES at Home link

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  • Stay tuned for another episode of WCES at home, airing in just a few minutes! This time I will be hosting the show from our WCES YouTube Channel, in case some people are having trouble getting to the stream app. See you soon!

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  • Hey everyone! First episode is complete! You can view it on the Stream app in the WCES channel. I've learned there *is* an unfortunately terrible echo. I will trouble shoot and figure out why. I will try to record again once the toddler goes down for a nap and see if I can go over the tips I gave again with less echo. You can still watch the visuals to get an idea of what I'm doing in the mean time. Thanks for your patience! Don't forget you can send specific issues to me in email!

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  • Need some creative ideas to engage your little ones at home? Here are some choice boards for grades K-5. You can play 3 in a row and pick different activities to do. These activities will build, reinforce, and practice key skills out students need!


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  • Everyone stay tuned!! If my internet cooperates, I will host our first episode of WCES at Home! How do you watch? It's easy!

    Have your student log into their LaunchPad.

    Go to Office 365. Click on the Stream App. 

    Search for WCES. Our channel and videos will appear! 

    See you soon! (I hope!)

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  • Hey everyone! How are you doing on your first day of distance learning? Send us your pictures of your kids hard at work on whatever distance learning activities they are doing! Send pictures to shoemdi@richmond.k12.ga.us!

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  • Distance Learning Questions

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    Use this board to ask any questions you may have about the distance learning process or how to help your child.

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