Let's Take a glance at Barton Chapel in October, 2015-2016


    Halloween Character parade by Pre-K and Kindergarten ... Oct. 30, 2015

    Story Characters  Video The video is Ready!

    B.C.E.S. supports Early Literacy! Thank you, ALL Pre-K and Kinder families! A Way to GO!!


    Kindergarten students learn safety tips and important community services from the fire fighters - Oct.29.

    Connect to the Real World

    B.C.E.S. appreciates to Amerigroup for their SUPPORT! Oct.29, 2015  Barton Chapel teachers and staff smile at this surprise! Thank you, Amerigroup for the classroom supplies and ample offer!!

     Thank you  

     Red Ribbon week: Friends Don't Let Friends Do Drugs! B.C.E.S. "Wear like twins for their Drug-Free Pledges" Oct. 27, 2015. Let's meet the B.C. Twins! Thank you, Ms. Williams for leading the "DRUG-FREE'" SAFE campaign!! 

     Friends Do Not Let Friends Do Drugs    Video Video is coming soon!

     B.C. Drama students 'Debut' - Oct. 22

            Drama Debut Thank you, Ms. Hall


    'A Big Hit!!' - Monster MATH Night - Oct. 22, 2015 @5:30 pm - 7:30 pm: A great SUCCESS of Academics & Fun Family Night!!  Thank you for all teachers, staff, students, Parents, and sponsors!!  WE're making the best BETTER together! A WAY to GO, B.C.E.S.!

      Academic & Fun Family Night   Coming Soon (Coming Soon)


     Team Building Workshop with Ms.Betsy Glisson - Oct. 22, 2015 B.C.E.S. Teachers and Staff had FUN and learned the tips of successful teamwork! Thank you for helping us learn the secrets of teamwork!

    *Ms. Betsy Glisson is a Language & Literacy Specialist from Governor's Office of Student Achievement.

     Fun Workshop with Betsy The Video is now available! See our teachers' reflections! Click HERE

     School Safety - B.C.E.S. Pledges School Safety. School Safety Begins with B.C.E.S.!

     Safety Matters at B.C.E.S.   Safety Matters at B.C.E.S.!


    Student Council - 2015-2016 : The members enjoyed the breakfast at Broadway Baptist church on Oct. 20. The members reassure that teamwork, possibility, and responsibility make the leadership. The Way to Go, B.C. Student Council!!

    2015-2016 Student Council


     Perfect Attendance! Teachers at B.C.E.S. - Thank you for your hard work! - The Way to Go!!

      Perfect Attendance  

     TOTTY banquet at Mariotto - Oct.16: Thank you, Dr. Dyle, Dr. Usry-Wilson, and Dr.Green. It was an honor to be at the banquet!

    Oct.16 Banquet

    Celebration: A Jazzy Moment to all 3rd-5th Roadrunners - Oct. 15, 2015 -3rd through 5th Roadrunners celebrate the first 9 weeks by jazzing up with Augusta Jazz Project.

    Click HERE

    Thank you Augusta Jazz Projeect  

    Celebration: All 1st and 2nd Roadrunners celebrate with Digger Dog presentation on Oct. 14. 2015. We always have FUN at B.C.E.S.!Digger Dog


    1st 9 weeks Winning Season Reprt! -Welcome, Parents & Guardians! - B.C.E.S. welcomes all stakeholders to share the first season winning report! (Oct. 14 - 15 Parent Conference)

     1st 9 weeks Winning Season  

    B.C.E.S. celebrates a National Boss's Day! B.C. teachers and staff show great appreciation to Dr. Doyle!  Thank you for guiding us to make the BEST better! (Oct. 14, 2015)

    Thank you Dr.Doyle


    A GLOW party ... Congratulations to students who GLOW for excellent attendance & Academics! (Oct. 9, 2015)

                                                             GLOW party for Attendance & Academics Click Here


    3rd Grade Life Science - Habitats Project : Standard S3L 1.

     3rd Habitat Project Click HERE


    Bully Prevention month - October, 2015. "Let's stomp Out Bullying!"

    Crazy Sox Day

    State representative Mr. Prince reads aloud Pete the Cat to Pre-K students. (Oct.6, 2015)

                                      "Reading is fundamental. Early literacy is important!"

    State Representative Read Aloud Thank you, Mr. Prince for supporting our pre-k program!


    Connect Math with Reading - Promote Nonfiction Reading. (Kindergarten - Oct. 9, 2015)

    MGSEK.CC.4 Click HERE

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