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Mrs. Cochran's Class

1st Grade

  • Welcome to First Grade


    We would like to welcome you and your child to the First Grade at Barton Chapel Elementary School for the 2018-2019 school year. We are looking forward to working with you to ensure that your student has a successful year as he or she takes on many new challenges.

    This school year will be full of new experiences for your student. Your first grader will be working on improving their reading through phonics skills and phonological development. They will begin to monitor and self-correct their reading. Students will read, listen to, and discuss more complex stories. Students will continue to read and write in a variety of genres. In regards to conventions of language, the first graders will work more on expanding sentences and learning rules of grammar and spelling. Specific elements will be learned for each type of writing. This course will also focus on developing the students’ vocabularies. In math instructional time will focus on four critical areas: (1) developing understanding of addition, subtraction, and strategies for addition and subtraction within 20; (2) developing understanding of whole number relationships and place value, including grouping in tens and ones; (3) developing understanding of linear measurement and measuring lengths as iterating length units; and (4) reasoning about attributes of, and composing and decomposing geometric shapes. In the first grade, students continue their introduction to United States history through the study of selected historical figures. In the history strand, students study the important contributions each historical person made. In the geography strand, students learn about where these historical people lived and explore important basic geographic concepts. The civics strand provides a study of the positive character traits exhibited by these important historical figures. The economics strand continues the introduction of basic economic concepts. The First Grade Georgia Standards of Excellence for science engage students in raising questions about the world around them and seeking answers by making observations. First graders use whole numbers to analyze scientific data. They identify how magnets pull on all things made of iron and either attract or repel other magnets. First graders create drawings that correctly depict something being described. The students are asked to plan and carry out simple investigations to understand patterns (shadows, sound, weather, and daily needs of plants and animals) observed in the world around them and make predictions based on these investigations. They follow safety rules.

    Homework: Students will have homework Monday through Friday. Your student will bring it home in his or her take home folder. Inside you will find a pocket for papers to be kept at home and a pocket for papers to be brought back to school. Take home folders should be brought back to school daily.

    Just Right Reading: Students should bring home a book that is “just right” for them each evening and read for 20 minutes. This reading should be done every night of the week. Please remind your student to bring his or her “just right” book back to school each day!

    Phonics/vocabulary: Phonics and vocabulary words will come home Monday, and tests will be given on Fridays. It is your child’s responsibility to study these words and be prepared for the tests.

    Math: Math homework is given every day. If your child struggles with the homework for 30 minutes or so, you can jot a quick note on the top of the page and initial it. If homework is not completed, students will not be eligible for student of the week that week and will be expected to complete it during recess or before they can have free time. The homework gives students the opportunity to practice the skills learned that day. How students perform on the homework assignments allows us to determine how we need to modify our instruction for future lessons.

    Grading:  Please see Richmond County School Handbook.

    Sign Papers: Your student will bring home a folder with a graded papers, school fliers, and other notices. Please empty the folder, send back any necessary forms, and sign the progress paper so we know you have seen the papers and announcements. Students should return the folders to school the following day. Please contact us if you do not see the folder.

    Mrs. Cochran's Expectations:

    1. Respect Yourself
    2. Respect Others
    3. Respect Property


    1. Non-verbal Warning
    2. Verbal Warning

          3. Conference with student (A quiet reminder of the expectation will be given.)

    1. Safety Zone in the classroom for 5 min. (A spot has been designated in the classroom where the child can get some distance and regroup with some quiet activities.)
    2. Safety Zone in another teachers Room for 5 mins to 10 mins.
    3. Parent contact
    4. Student will be sent to the office/ discipline referral

    **There are some behaviors that are zero tolerance and for which an automatic discipline referral will be written. These include fighting, threatening, and stealing.

    The First Grade teachers are looking forward to meeting you and your student. We are confident that your student will reach all the goals that are essential for success in First Grade.  We expect this year to be a successful one. Your support and input are needed for your student’s development. We are looking forward to making this year a rewarding one for all of us.


    We Are Looking Forward to a Great Year!!



    Mrs. Christina Cochran











    First Grade Supply List




    Please bring the following items labeled with child’s first and last name:


    1 pair of FISKARS scissors

    2 boxes of CRAYOLA crayons (24 count) only

    1 small plastic supply box (example-5x 8 SpaceMaker)

    1 set of headphones for computer lab & classroom (in a zip lock bag labeled with child’s name)

    2 composition books (no spiral notebooks)

    1 backpack

    8 one-subject spiral notebook
    5 two-pocket 3-prong plastic folders(1 red,1 green,1 yellow,1 blue, 1 orange)

    2  2 inch -three-ring binder



    Please do NOT label the following items:


    3 packages of #2 pencils (prefer Papermate Classic or U.S.A. Gold which last longer)

    2 boxes of Kleenex

    1 ream of copy paper

    2 packs of post it notes

    JUMBO glue sticks

    2 package of wide-ruled loose leaf paper

    4 EXPO brand Dry Erase Markers

    4 pack multi-colored highlighters

    1 package of washable CRAYOLA markers

    1 three pack block erasers


     1 roll of paper towels

    1 box of baby wipes                                        


    Please, NO trapper-keepers, or pencil sharpeners.




    Comments (-1)

    • Homework should signed nightly.

    • Sign papers go home biweekly.



    Comments (-1)
    • Please check the class calendar for a copy of the Homework Calendar. 

              (Click on the date to download a copy.)

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