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    The Theme of 2020-2021: "One Team, One Dream"  

    Education is the most powerful weapon

    which you can use to change the world.”


     Let's Continue to Stay Safe!

    This month's word is: Career Awareness 




    Have a safe, sound, and NICE summer!

     "Huuray for the 2021-2022 - 100% F2F Schooling in the safe environment!!"




     Honor's Day

    Honor's Day program:
    May 18          PRE-K                      9:00                Bus Loop
    May 20          VIRTUAL                 9:00 & 1:00    Bus Loop
    May 20          3rd                             9:00               Cafe
    May 20          2nd                            10:30             Bus Loop
    May 21          1st                              9:00               Bus Loop
    May 21          4th-5th                       9:00               Cafe



    May 11 (Tue): Very UniqueEffective, and FUN Classroom management 

    that also meets the multiple academic standards and BEEP criteria! (Mrs.Glass)  *Watch in Video LINK             

                                                       Thank you, Mrs. Glass and her 3rd grade students!

    Glass Store-Unique and Effective Management


     Monday May 10 (Mon) : World Lupus Day  - On Mondays wear PURPLE!

    May 10 Lupus Day

      What is Lupus?   Learn about Lupus now. Reference LINK

    Lupus Day



    May 9 (Sun): Mother's Day - Congratulations to ALL MOMS!


     May 7 (Fri): Thank you, Administrators for appreciation and gifts during the Teacher Appreciation week!

    Thank you


    Pre-K class (Ms.Gamble)


    You are GREATLY appreciated and LOVED!



    May 4 (Tue): National Principal's Day  (*observed at B.C.E.)

    The creative 5th Graders presented a fabulous board! Dr. Carpenter, we are so lucky to have you @ B.C.E.!! 

      5th Grade     Dr. Carpenter

    May 3 - 6 : iReady Testing - Do your best!


    May 3 - 7 : Teacher Appreciation Week

    It is May - the end of the 2020-2021 school year!

    "All teachers and ParaPros, we could not have made it without YOU!"


    May 1 : National School Principal's Day