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     "Moving Toward Excellence!"


    Feb. 22 (Fri) @ 1:00 pm Black History Trivia Quiz Bowl @ Media Center for 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades.

    Congratulations to Ms. P. Washington's 5th grade team! Thank you, Mrs. Baily for organizing this!

    BLK History QB  Winner


    Feb. 22 (Fri) - Math Competition


    Feb. 15 (Fri) - Teacher & Staff PL day - Happy PL - Appreciation to ALL you have done!  (Thank you, Ms. Bailey for this fun activity!)

    Feb.15 PL


    Feb. 14 (Thurs) - Celebrating Guys-in-Ties for wearing the proper outfit this week! We are proud of you!



     Feb. 13 (Wed) - Pretty'n Pearls girls are making Valentine's Day cards

    Valentine Card


    Feb. 12 (Tue) - Faculty & Staff 'Good Southern Soul Food' Luncheon! "Everyone is Welcome!"

    (Thank you for organizing this great meal, Ms. Bailey!)


     watch  SouldFoodLuncheon


    Feb.12 (Tue) - Try our new Strawberry Gelatin-Coated Green Pears!  watch

    Ms. Dunbar Ms.Cooper, and all B.C. lunchroom staff, thank you for the new Recipe! You are INNOVATIVE!!

    StrawberryGelatin  Bite




    Feb.8 (Fri) - Evening with Dad  @6:00 pm.  Thank you for being there! All volunteers, teachers, staff and parents who were there, THANK YOU!! You made a huge difference to each girl @ B.C.E.!

     evening with dad  watch


    Feb. 6 (Wed) Blak History Month-related books are on Parade in the media center. Check them out now!

    Watch   BLKHis_Books


    Kindergarten Black History Display (Thank you, Mrs. Heggs and Ms.Walker!! Thank you, Ms. Rountree!!)

    watch  KinderHall



    Feb. 4 (Mon) - Gifted Class makes a plastic Lung to model how air is inhaled/exhaled. (Ms. McNeail)

    Plastic Lung-Gifted


    Feb.4 (Mon) - Welcome back, Mrs. Brantley and Ms. Nealious!!  Good to see you BACK!

    watch                                               watch

    Brantley  Nearious  


    Feb.1 (Fri) - Bus Evacuation Drill - Safety is importat!

    Bus Evacuation Drill


     Feb.1 (Fri) - World Read Day : Glenn Hills High School, thank you for coming to read aloud the books for us!

     Kinder   PK



    Feb. 1 (Fri) - 1st & 2nd Semesters perfect attendees are here!

    perfect attendance


    Feb. 1(Fri) - Supporting Positive School Environment - from Lunchroom!  

                             Say "THANK YOU!" -  Let's show your appreciation to them when receiving your lunch today!