• pencils  Let's See How B.C.E.S. Moves Toward EXCELLENCE books

    September 2019

     "Moving Toward Excellence!"



    Sept. 18 (Wed) : Ready for the World School Milk Campaign?


    cows-1  kinder



    Sept. 17 (Tue):

    Thank you for wearing kahki and white - P.I.P. Faculty and staff Support!



    Augusta Fire Department visits for safety lesson (3rd Grade)

    1-fireDept 2FireDept


    Sept. 13(Fri): 2019-2020 Student Council Officer Candidates:


    • De'Zari Payne and Rodriquez Hall - running for President
    • Kaliyah Dennis and Sariah Danvers - running for Secretary
    • Niyonna Rhodes - running for a treasurer



    Sept. 16 (Mon): Mrs. Lanham - a fabulous Science teacher in 4th grade - Solar System learning game and project!  Let's watch! watch

    Lanham-1  Project



    Sept. 16 (Mon): Student Council Member candiates are ready. Let's meet them in the morning shows!


    Sept. 10 (Tue): B.C.E.S. sets up Harmonyy Goals for 2019 - 2020

    Harmony Goaals


    Sept. 10 (Tue): P.I.P. meets for fun activities and community services for excting 2019 - 2020

    More members are recruited this year!

    PIP Meets  


    Sept. 7 (Sat) Pretty in Pearls participate in Juice & Paint @ the local art studio!

    P.I.P  Barnes Art

    P.I.P. enjoys painting big pink Ps.                                       Mrs. Barnes "GREAT" art work



     Sept. Principal's Book: Arthur Writes a Story

                                    - Let's read and find what makes a good stoy. The e-version LINK





     Maintenance People, teachers, counselors, and administrators who provided their time and resources to help those evacuees during such destress, thank you so much!!