Hello! I am India Brown, M.S., the School Counselor at Barton Chapel Elementary School. Going into my second year, I am honored and excited to continue working with such smart, talented, and ambitious students here at Barton Chapel Elementary. I will work to build the academic, career, and social/emotional needs of the students.  I believe that all students have a special gift or talent and my goal is to get students to discover that gift. Elementary school is the first step to a successful future!


    Here's a little about me: I am originally from Georgia. I attended Paine College, where I obtained my Bachelors of Art Degree in Sociology. I later attended Capella University and earned my Master of Science degree in School Counseling. I am a proud mother of 1, who is a joy to be around and keeps me fresh on my toes. I have extensive experience and knowlege about social services and foster care. I truly enjoy helping others, but have a special love for helping children and their families. 


    As School Counselor, I provide the following services, brief individual counseling, peer group counseling, meditation, etc. Please note that school counselors do not provide extensive services as a licensed therapist in the community. I will also take on the challenge of leading multiple groups this year, such as Student Council and safety patrol. 


    Classroom guidance occurs once a month for each class and during this time, students learn about Self control, accountibility/responsibility, bullying prevention, kindness, problem resolution, healthy friendships, growth mindset, peer pressure, etc. Once a week students in all grades participate in Teachers As Advisors. This lesson is presented by homeroom teachers during class time. The purpose is to address the social/emotional needs of the students in class. Topics include critical thinking, problem solving, communication, inclusion, etc. 


    You can find some of my lessons for this year below:


    Pre-k through 2nd Grade


    Bullying Lesson



    Team work/ Fair play/ Sportsmanship



    Getting along with others



    Manners Do Matter





    3rd- 5th Grade Lessons

    My Mouth is A Volcano! (Book reading about self-control)




    But It's Not My Fault! (Teaches accountability and responsibility)



    Bullying Lesson

    What is Bullying?-SEL Sketches (video on youtube) 


    Peer Pressure (Learing to say "no" to peer pressure)

    Peer Pressure Gauge -book written by Julia Cook 















    If you have any questions, please feel free to call or email me. 


    India Brown , M.S. 

    School Counseor

    Barton Chapel Elementary School 

    2329 Barton Chapel Road

    Augusta, GA 30906



    Office: 706-796-4955

    Fax: 706-796-4774, Ext. 1443