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     "Moving Toward Excellence!"



    HealthMPowers links to this weeks videos. K-23-5 (from Mr.Warthen)




    The Georgia Milestones start on May 1.


    April 26 (Fri) - Field Day!  - Be Safe, everyone!

    Thank you for this fun event, Coach Douglas!


    April 25 (Thurs)

     Faculty Meeting today - be there ON TIME!

    April 24 (Wed)  P.I.P activity

    April 23 (Tue)

    April 22 (Mon) 

    April 19 - Easter Friday - The RCSS schools are closed. 

    April 18 (Thurs)

    April 17 (Wed)  Teachers, during your planning please report to the media center for the Tech. Training. 

    April 16 (Tue) Get ready for the Milestones! 

       Have a peaceful and safe spring break (April 8 - 15)!  

    April 5 (Fri) - Picture Day @ Media Center

    - Read In Goal: All students read at least 14 books.

    - Teachers, please email Mrs. Turner how many Green Jackets home runners  you have in your homeroom.  (by April 18th)                               



    April 4 (Thurs)  - "Surprise!" Mrs. Brown and Mr. Shields, thank you for all the heartful support for us!    watch

    April 3 (Wed) 

    April 2 (Tue)   

    April 1 (Mon)