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    The Theme of 2020-2021: "One Team, One Dream"  

    Education is the most powerful weapon

    which you can use to change the world.”


     Let's Continue to Stay Safe!

     This month's word is: Career Awareness

     May is the World Lupus Awareness Month - Dress in Purple on Mondays




    May 25(Tue): No Bookbags, Early Release - Last Day of 2020-2021 School Year

    Have a safe, sound, and NICE summer!

     "Huuray for the 2021-2022 - 100% F2F Schooling in the safe environment!!"




    May 24 (Mon): No Bookbags   Morning Show LINK     The World Lupus Awareness Monday - Dress in Purple

    May 21 (Fri): Honor's Day for 1st, 4th and 5th grades 

    May 20 (Thurs): Honor's Day for Virtual, 2nd and 3rd grades

    May 19 (Wed): College Day

    May 18 (Tue): Honor's Day for Pre-K  

     May 17 (Mon): Dress in purple

    Individuial Library Charge Notices will be delivered by 3:00 pm. Please check your mailbox.

    May 14 (Fri) 

    May 13 (Thurs)

    May 12(Wed): College Day

     Remind students of the items - including FUNdation kits - they need to return by May 14. There are fines to be assessed to lost and damaged items.

     May 11(Tue)  Very UniqueEffective, and FUN Classroom management that also meets the multiple academic standards and BEEP criteria! (Mrs.Glass)    Watch in Video LINK             

                                                       Thank you, Mrs. Glass and her 3rd grade students!

    Glass Store-Unique and Effective Management


    May 10 (Mon): World Lupus Day - Dress in Purple 

    Lupus Day

    Happy and Restful MOTHER's DAY!! - May 9 (Sun)


    May 7 (Fri)  

    FUNdation kits need to be returned.  - Please check with Ms. Walker. 

     Monday May 10 is World Lupus Day  - On Mondays wear PURPLE!  Reference LINK

     W Lupus Day


    May 6 (Thurs)

    May 5 (Wed) : College Day

    May 4(Tue): National Principal's Day (observed at B.C.E.)

    The creative 5th Graders presented a fabulous board! Dr. Carpenter, we are so lucky to have you @ B.C.E.!!

      5th Grade Dr. Carpenter 

    May 3 (Mon): iReady Testing starts (May 3 - 7) - Do your best!



    May 3 - 7: Sticky Note Week

    May 3 - 7 : Teacher Appreciation Week - 

    It is May - the LAST month of the 2020-2021 school year!

    "All teachers and ParaPros, we could not have made it without YOU!"


    May 1 : National School Principal's Day