• pencils  Let's Watch the B.C.E. Morning Show in September, 2019 books

     "Moving Toward Excellence!"




    Sept. 24 (Tue) watch   Top-Notch Tuesday!




    Sept. 23 (Mon) watch      Majestic Monday! 

    Sept. 20 (Fri): watch  Fascinating Friday!   Enjoy peaceful weekend!

    Sept. 19 (Thurs): @9:00 am the Digger Dog show starts for 2nd and 3rd grade students.

    Please listen to the announcement for directions when to proceed to the gym. 

    Sept. 19(Thurs) watch  thorough-reviewing Thursday 

    The Digger Dog safety presentation in the gym @ 9:00 am for 2nd and 3rd graders 

    Sept. 18 (Wed)  watch  wondrous Wednesday - Release and PL Day @1:30 pm in the medai center.

    Sept. 17 (Tue) watch  Tremendous Tuesday! 

    Sept.16(Mon) watch  

    Let's meet the president candidates for 2019 B.C. Student Council!

    Class visits: watch Let's Watch Mrs.Lanham's Fabulous Science Project and Learning Game on Solar System.

    Lanham  Lanham2


    Sept. 13 (Fri) watch   Fantastic Friday!

    Read in from 8:30 am till 9:30 am. The progress of reaing in MyOn from Aug. to Sept. 13 will be generated.  

    Please make sure students log in to their launch pads and select MyOn. 

    Sept. 12 (Thurs) watch  Thorough Thursday! 

    Sept. 11 (Wed) watch  Wonderful Wednesday! 

    Sept. 10 (Tue) watch  - Have a Terrific Tuesday.

    Sept.9 (Mon) watch  - Marvelous Monday!


    Sept. 3 - 6:



    Principal's Book for September - Arthur Writes a Story : e-version LINK


     Thank you, Ms.Cromartie, Mrs.Bussey and Ms.Hamilton for reading Principal's Book for August and participating in activities!


    Sept. 3 - 5: See the message below.