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    We want each child to leave Kindergarten with

     -the ability to respect and work cooperatively with others

    -the ability to listen and follow directions

    -the ability to resolve conflicts peacefully

    -a positive self-image and a love of learning



    Class Rules 

     Raise your hand to speak

     Listen when someone is speaking

     Follow directions

     Be a caring friend

     Always do your best work


     In order to maintain a positive and structured learning environment, I use a Star Behavior System. On Monday, each child has 5 stars. If a student misbehaves during the day he/she has to pull a star. On Friday, children with 5 stars remaining will get to participate in special centers that will be set-up in the classroom. Children with 4 stars will remain at their tables and work puzzles or look at books. Children with 3, 2, 1, or no stars will not participate in special center time.



    1st Offense - One or two verbal warnings

    2nd Offense - Pull one star (time off of recess) 

    3rd Offense - Pull two stars (no special centers) 

    4th Offense - Pull three or more stars (no recess and parent phone call) 


    There will be a Behavior Calendar in your child’s homework folder that will let you know if your child lost any stars that day. Sign the report nightly and return it to school in the homework folder.

     Encourage your child to work hard at keeping their stars.

     Thanks in advance for your support.

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