• The members of H.R.R.B club are nominated by the homeroom teachers.

    - B.C. Reading team proudly announce the final selection of team members!


    - The B.C. Reading Team participated in the district H.R.R.B. on Jan.30 @ Cross Creek H.S. Thank you for all you did! The media specialist and the media assistant escorted the team.  We also thank you, Mrs.Amos, Mrs.Isaac for volunteering to be there with us! Ms.Morrison (Coach K) and Mrs.Jefferson, we thank you for accommodating time for members to report to the media center for practice!

     Reading Bowl
    After HRRB

      The media center awarded the members with their favorite paperback books to support their love of reading.

      Each received a copy of Diary of Wimpy Kid - Out of School!

    • The club meets once a week to discuss the contents and personal reflections about the assigned books.
    • The club members write 20 questions and answers about the book they are assigned.
    • Each member is required to read at least 5 books of selections for H.R.R.B, 2015-2016.
    • The members participate in the district H.R.R.B. competition on January 31 (Sat), 2016.