• Let's Take a glance at Barton Chapel in December, 2015-2016


         Merry Christmas

      *Read in on Dec. 18, 215 ... How are you reading in your class? Read for accuracy!

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    * Christmas Program on Dec. 16.

      B.C.Chorus  B.C. Drama

                                                                                                               Christmas Program  Click HERE                

    * Happy Birthday to Facuties and Staff born in Oct., Nov., and Dec.!

    Happy Birthday

      * Exciting spelling Bee at Barton Chapel on Dec. 16, 2015! Click HERE

    B.C. Spelling Bees Participants



      Seasonal Greeting: Thank you for helping us learn better! Thank you, all teachers and Staff!1st Grade Christmas Smile


      Great Achievement! First AR Quiz Takers in Kindergarten students! Thank you, Mrs.Johnson and Ms.Rountree for your instructions and dedication to support early literacy! Thank you, Mrs. Rawls for volunteering at the media center!

    Kindergarten _ We can READ! AR Participation in K-5th Volunteer


      Popcorn Fridays! You're recognized for excellent behavior and excellent academics!

       Popcorn Treats!