Let's Take a glance at Barton Chapel in January, 2015-2016


     H.R.R.B district competition on Jan. 30 at Cross Creek H.S.

    B.C. Team Thank you

    Ms.Amos, Ms.Isaac, and Ms.Elliot, thank you for being there to support our team!!

    Pretty in Pearls - Jan. 28 @6:00 pm

    Pretty in Pearls Cake

       - Congratulations to all of you for being inducted on Jan. 28, 2016.

    Science Fair - Jan. 2016! We're the scientists @ B.C.E.S.! Come and see your work at the media center.

    Science Fair 2016  Click HERE

     Best Practices: Let's share effective teaching & Learning practices!

    Best Practice Click Here

    Glow party - Jan, 22, 2016 @ B.C.E.S.- where student's performance is recognized and awarded.

    Glow -Jan. 2016



    100th Day in School - @ B.C.E.S. "We've MADE it!!"

    Hunting for 100s How many 100s in our school?

    1st graders in Ms.Bailey's class

    (for Ms.Burns) explore

    the school buildings for 100s!


     We are proud of all of you

    who made 100s for

    attendance, academics, and conduct!




    Distinguished Guys With Ties - Jan. 20, 2016: Meet the best of B.C. guys ! We support positive learning environment.

     Distinguished Guys with Ties


    The year 2016 is another year of SUCCESS @ B.C.E.S.! We are excited at the new year and we will make the BEST better!

    2016 Greetings

    Site Based Professional Development  -- January 4, 2016


    *Photo: Congratulating and toasting another year's success with apple juice -- Jan. 4, 2016


    9:00-11:30 -Collaborative Professional Learning 'Creating a Framework for School Success' 

                             Barton Chapel, Glenn Hills Middle, Glenn Hills Elementary, Meadowbrook, Diamond Lakes, Garret


    Quotes we shared with Dr. Stephan Peterson:

    "Failure is an option to those who only consider."

    "Do you know your students well enough to teach them?"

    "When a flower doesn't bloom, you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower."