• Let's Take a glance at Barton Chapel in February, 2015-2016

    - This is how we make the best BETTER at Barton Chapel -


    College Day Backpack! - School-wide Lessons take place at B.C.E.S.! Feb. 29, 2016

    1st graders are happy with their College Day Backpack. We know what we need for our College Day Backpack. Let's prepare for the future!

    College Day Backpack


    Black History Month - Drama Performance by Paine College- Feb. 23, 2016

    Pain College Watch

    PL Workshop - Feb.22: Engagement - Instructional strategies to promote engagement to increase student achievement.

    Engagement PL workshop


    Pretty in Pearls visit the nursing home  - First Community Service- Feb. 20, 2016 

    "Please stay warm. You are our grandparents." All grandparents are our grandparents. Pretty in Pearls donated socks to senior citizens.

     Community Service Click to Watch


     'Heart, POWER!' - American Heart Association 'Jump Rope' campaign starts @ Barton Chapel: Feb. 19. Healthy heart pumps energy for positive thinking and good academics.

    Heart Power

    Wax Museum & Ga Milestones session- Black History program on Feb. 16 & 17 - supervised by Ms.Story

    Wax Museum    Video  

    5th Grade Students are excited at the  Transition Training @ GHMS - Yes, we're AREADY!

                                                                                              Thank you, Dr. Green for providing photos and videos.


    Rising 6th Grader


    Saturday School Update - Feb. 13 . Thank you for quality instructions and dedication! Click HERE to View

     Update of Saturday School


    Father & Daughter Dance - Feb.12 @6:00 pm -Thank you, Barton Chapel P.T.A. and all the volunteers for bringing B.C. families together! Special thanks to Jennie Green (caterer); TaKeisha Barnes ( PTA President); Rene' Richardson (volunteer); Catrice Dennis (Volunteer); Rashond Moore (volunteer); and SFC Green (volunteer); Mr. Joe (Photos); DJ Boss (DJ); and Apostle Carter (Speaker), and Ms.Tammy Barnes who coordinated this event for B.C. families and community!

     Click HERE to view




    Military Volunteer meeting on Feb.9, 2016 - hosted by Ms.Cummings-Story and Ms.Dean

    Thank you for maximizing community connection!

    Military Volunteer


    Saturday School starts on Feb.7 - Expanding student opportunity to Learn: We are proud of our students who work hard to learn and teachers who take extra miles to meet students' needs! Parents, thank you for prioritizing students' academic growth.

    Saturday School

    Click HERE


    We believe academic excellence grows in positive school culture!


    Pretty in Pearls -B.C. Pretty in Pearls meet to discuss their first community service! Please see the school calendar for the community service schedule.

     Pretty n Pearls   Receiving Pearls

     'Pearly' Smile with Pretty in Pearls symbol!  The members are receiving pearls for good conduct and resolution.