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    Classroom Expectations and Consequences

                    Each day your child will begin his/her day with a 100 conduct grade. If expectations are met during the day he/she will keep that grade. However, if expectations are NOT met, he/she will get a check on the daily behavior sheet for each mishap. Listed below are the expectations and consequences for ALL fifth grades.

    Classroom Expectations

    * Follow directions and procedures.

    * Keep desk and floor clean and neat at all times.

    * Show respect to others and their property.

    * Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.

    *Have all appropriate materials and supplies at your desk and be seated when class begins.



    *Silent Lunch

    * Limited recess

    * Time-out in another teacher’s classroom

    * Student- teacher behavior intervention conference

    * Phone call home

    *Office referral

    ** Please note that fighting, bullying, etc, is an automatic write-up. **


    When students DO meet the expectations, POSITIVE REWARDS include:

    weekly/ monthly fun activities.


    Homework Assignments

                Homework is given daily, including weekends, and your child is responsible for writing it down in his/her homework folder with his/her teacher’s signature. The homework must then be completed, homework sheet signed by the parent, and returned to school daily. All homework assignments will also be available to view on the grade level website.

    Common Assessment

                Common Assessment is a weekly test administered to the students based on the standards taught during the present and previous weeks. Each content area will be tested and the data from the Common Assessment will be transferred into a data notebook to track the progress of each child.  


    School Supply List

    *2 red folders with pockets and prongs. (Reading)

    *2 green folders with pockets and prongs (Math)

    *2 blue folders with pockets and prongs (Science)

    *2 yellow folders with pockets and prongs (Social Studies)

    *2 orange folders with pockets and prongs (ELA)

    *2 purple folders with pockets and prongs (Homework)

                            * 4 composition notebooks

    *#2 pencils (NO mechanical pencils)

    * 2 packs loose-leaf notebook paper

    * hand sanitizer               *tissue                  * Ziploc bags

    * dry erase markers             *colored pencils/crayons

    * a pencil pouch (NO pencil box)

    *a pack of index cards (standard size 3 by 5)


    First Nine Weeks Content

    In 5th grade your child will be focusing on the following skills or content in each subject.


    -Write, interpret and evaluate expressions

    -Understand place value

    -Patterns in zeros

    -Powers of 10 when multiplying

    -Patterns of 10 when dividing

    -Use exponents to denote powers of 10

    -Multiply whole numbers fluently using standard algorithm

    -Divide fluently with up to 4 digit dividends and 2 digit -divisors

    -Understand the relationship between multiplication & division


    -Students will learn that stories, dramas, and poems may or may not have more than one theme or central idea.

    -Compare/contrast means to identify similarities/differences between two or more ideas, characters and settings or events.

    Social Studies

    -Students will learn the importance of being a responsible citizen.

    - Understand the causes and effects of the Civil War.


    -Understand and practice lab safety and Scientific Method

    -Compare and contrast parts and functions of the Plant and Animal Cells.

    -Understand the different types of microorganisms.

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